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CRAZYRYAN 04-22-2006 09:21 AM

hobicco su 31
i have this junky hobicco su31 and its giving me pain all the time with its cheap wood hence its only 150bux they seem to use the cheapest wood they can possibly use put into this arf ive learned my lesson now and from now on im buying planes that are higher quality im buying soon my friends sig piper cub with a twin cylinder four stroker 1/4 scale clipped wing awesome plane and only for 650 i wondering what to do with the airframe of my sukhoi its looking like crap now the covering is a pain in the ass no more hobiccos for me im just getting rid of the airframe. i have two .91s and a bunch of other 2 strokers not sure what to do with from .15 to.61 2 stokes. i hate this plane so much im staying away from hobbico. oh i did crash it against the fence i repaired the thing like 3 times when the last two are not my fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how dare hobbico. the problem with thier planes is that they put the cheapest covering on and it rips up in flight!! its an embarassment. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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