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Hot Rod Todd 05-19-2008 09:06 AM

BHmodel EP Mosquito
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Hobby People finally has the BH models mosquito bomber in stock. Stats from a recent magazine say 63" span and a weight of 5.5 lbs+ (whatever that means?). In any case, I ordered one and should be seeing it at my door on 5/22/08. I'll post some picks of the kit when it arrives and try to give a report on my thoughts. I have also ordered the motors, speed controls and a 3S 4200 lipo from HobbyCity, so we'll see how the whole thing comes together.

Hot Rod Todd 05-23-2008 08:07 AM

RE: BHmodel EP Mosquito
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My BP Mosquito arrived last night. I said that I would give a report on how it looks, so here goes. First thought is that this is not a small plane. The 63" span is accurate and it feels like it is built light. I did not weigh everything yet, but I have no doubt that it could come in under 6 lbs with the right gear.

First off, the structure is built nicely and light as I mentioned. The covering is Oracover and has much more shine than is preferred for a warbird. It has flaps, which I was not aware of. Two servos for flaps, two for ailerons, one elevator and rudder, and one retract make seven. The control rods are already installed, but appear to be guite thin for this size plane. The servo cut-outs are only 1/2" by a bit over 1", so I'll have to see what servos I can find that give me the power I need but keep it light. I have to remember that the vibration is less, and the power and speed will not be quite what my nitro planes are. I don't need things to be quite as heavy duty. The wings fit nicely into inserts in the fuse and slide together with an aluminum wing tube. They are held together with two bolts on each side. Wing profile appears to be pretty much flat bottomed. The retract servo sits in the center, so every time you take off the wing you would have to disconnect the servo linkage, then re-adjust it when you put the wings back on. Not likely to happen since it will fit in my truck assembled. The solution would be to use a set of air retracts like the Robart economy line. The retracts that are provided are aluminum bodied and don't look too bad. The legs are a bit weak for this size plane, but should work if you keep it light. I hate to toss aside the provided retracts and spend more money, so I may have to give them a try. The motor mounts are adjustable and should allow for the motors used to be lined up properly with the cowls. Plastic spinners are provided, and if they end up being less than perfectly round (likely) they are easily replaced since they are a standard 2 3/4".

The plane has a fairly scale appearance and should look great in the air. Dihedral appears to be proper for a mosquito, more than I can say for my CMP version. The pilots are already installed, and even though they don't meet my normal standards I will likely leave them in without modifications. The paint on the cowls and nose does not match the covering, since it appears to be more brown than green. I will find some paint and make a better match. I believe the nose piece is held on by two magnets and gives quick access to the battery. The top of the fuse has a hatch that is easily removed and is held on with a dowl in the front and two plastic thumb screws in back. Here are some photos to help with the description. My standard size cat provides a since of size.

_Tommy D 05-23-2008 09:05 AM

RE: BHmodel EP Mosquito
The thread on RCGroups heats up around page 10. From the flight reports it sounds like it's a real nice model.

Best of luck!

Tommy D

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