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docpaul 10-09-2002 11:59 PM

World Model's P-51, 40 size
Hey folks, has anyone had experience building or flying the World P-51 40 size? I'd appreciate any comments, tips, beefs or bouquets!

gilligan371 10-10-2002 07:23 AM

World Model's P-51, 40 size
I cant be to specific about the mustang from world models except that Ive seen a Miss America fly with a os la 40 or 46 on it, seemed to fly really nice, looked really nice! I have a World Models Rambler, friend had a Midget Mustang from them, there ARF's are really good quality. Only thing that I have have found, is that there landing gear wires are kinda on the weak side...even on my retracts on the rambler. But probably in the end, its a good thing.

There is a club in California, i think san deigo, that pylon race world model mustangs. I thought I had the link saved, but I cant find it right now. Might see if you can find it, and look there. I will look n post the link if i can find it.

good luck

RCU-Admin 10-10-2002 06:25 PM

World Model's P-51, 40 size
Head over to our product guide and look up the kit. There are 5 member ratings.

If you have flown this kit, head over there and add your ratings, tips and compatible product suggestions!

jack01 10-13-2002 12:56 PM

World Model's P-51, 40 size
I've got the 40 sized Mustang. It flys GREAT, and the only thing that needs to be changed is the fuel tank. Mine split. Something that isn't required, but helps, is if you fuel proof the inside of the belly pan since oil does tend to get under it.

docpaul 10-14-2002 10:47 PM

World Model's P-51, 40 size
Thanks for the words of wisdom folks. On the whole, I have been very pleased with Worlds ARF's. I have built and flown the Rambler 45 (crashed due to faulty battery), and my favorite is my Super Chipmunk. I have over 60 flights on the chip, and it is one of the most pleasurable and well-constructed planes I have in my hanger. I am looking forward to building and flying the Mustang. I'll post a note to the forum, after it's first flight!
Paul Steinberg, M.D.
Sunvalleyfliers, AZ[img]i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif[/img]

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