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Super Cub Engine sputter

Old 05-01-2007, 02:00 PM
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Default Super Cub Engine sputter

Hi Sal,

Hope this is a simple one.

I got a Super last Jan and I have been flying it now for the past couple of months, a few crashes here and there (newbei). So I got it flying one day in a new park and it WAS great no crashes did some stunts take offs and landing perfect...Great day, I went out a week later to the same place and all of a sudden I had engine problems. I launched and the engine surged or sputtered after about 15 or 20 feet into the air. I thought ok maybe the battery dies so I tried another newly charge bat. nicad same thing, there were a bunch of veterans at the feild to boot...each one had a suggestion..of course...So one guy suggested that I walk away and gun the motor on the ground. so I did. No problems I walked about 5o feet away and the engine stayed at a high rpm. I though ok so now its working... I launched the plane and 15 ft away it surged or reved up and down and then I lost control again...? So why does it work on the ground but not in the air. (all these guys were sitting around and no one was on the same channel.)

Any input would be greatly appreciated, cause after that second last flight I was so excited now..not so much.

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Default RE: Super Cub Engine sputter

The cause of the "sputter" could be several things so you will have to troubleshoot it. Make sure you keep a list of things you try.
If the motor works correctly while on the ground but you have trouble in the air and you are losing control of the aircraft, then this most likely sounds like a radio problem. I would try another receiver or at least another crystal. I would do a range check with motor off then with motor on. The motor on range should be at least 75% of the motor off range. Use the range parameters written in your radio manual.

If the radio testing shows that the radio is fine, then you have to test the motor system. Since you have crashed the aircraft and probably dinged the motor or at leats the prop and prop shaft, I would consider that the motor may have a problem. Either try another motor or try another ESC. If it works fine with another ESC then it's the motor. So, testing will give you the answer. Please feel free to post here with your progress and any questions you may have as you go through the process.
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Default RE: Super Cub Engine sputter

Hi.......I have had the same problem with my super cub.....Try turning off the ACT and see if that makes a difference.......GL

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