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 Glitching, as related to speed controllers. >

Glitching, as related to speed controllers.

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Glitching, as related to speed controllers.

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Default Glitching, as related to speed controllers.

OK, I'm fairly comfortable wtih electric power and now have quite a few electric airplanes under my belt. I like Castle creations speed controllers, and have so far had five, from a 25 amp to a 45 amp. They've gone in prop planes, helos, strikers and lately EDF's. I've noticed that they seem to be particularlly susceptible to interference when they get close to a motor. Let me back up here. Some time ago I bought a Fliton Extra, and got an E-flight 480 outrunner for it. I mounted the speed controller directly behind the motor in the mount where it would seem to get good cooling air (Phoenix 35). I had major glitching at less than 10 paces with the antenna collapsed, but only with the motor running. Moving the speed controller away from the motor solved the problem. So I made it a point to keep my speed controllers as far away from the motor as I could. I recently got a SportJet 70 from EJF. I was originally going to mount the speed controller in the wing saddle, but rethunk and mounted it to the rear of the motor for cooling. I was using a Hitec 5 channel FM receiver (dual conversion, no less) that had been doing sterling service in a Stryker. I got major glitching. I re-routed the antenna. More glitching. I moved the speed controller into the wing saddle area, as far away from the motor as I could get it. Still had glitching. One servo lead runs by the speed controller, I tried moving it as far away as I could, still glitched. I put a Futaba PCM receiver in the airplane, along with a Deans mini-whip antenna. Bing, apparently glitching solved, and I had quite a few happy and successfull flights on the plane.
Due to an unfortunate hand launch incident, I had to assemble another plane. I decided to go with gear this time, so after getting the plane together, I taxied it around with no wing. I was suprised to feel how hot the speed controller was getting in the wing saddle area. So I decided to try it mounted to the motor again. This time, thought, I bundled the power leads to the speed controller together, and ran the signal wire as far away from them as I could. Unfortunately they have to go thru the same hole to enter the fuse, but I stuck them on opposite sides. I still have glitching. althought it's not as severe and partially masked by the receiver. I know guys are running their eDF's with the ESC's attached to the back of the motor and having no problems. Is this just a fact of life with Phoenix speed controls, or am I doing something wrong?

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Default RE: Glitching, as related to speed controllers.

You are having WAY too much glitching even with the esc near the motor. I would suspect that you may have a combination of problems. Each one by itself not enough to give you a red flag but combined you are going to have problems.

First, it sounds like you might have a transmitter that is a little off frequency. That can happen and does occasionally. I would consider sending the Tanny in and getting it retuned. Make sure ytou talle the manufacturer specifically the problem so they will retune.
Second, check you receivers to make sure they have good solid crystals. I would not consider using anything but reliable receivers such as JR PCM's, Futaba FM or PCM, Hitec FM, Bergs. Crystals can also be a problem. Try replacing the crystal to see if this gives you any benefit.
Third, keep the ESC away from both the motor and the receiver. one to 2 inches is all that is really needed.
Forth, if these things do not work (they should!), you could go to a separate BEC which would have the effect of optically isolating the ESC and would then eliminate what glitches you have

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