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skywarrior 08-09-2014 06:41 AM

Hacker X-70-SB -Pro and Futaba SB rx
I am having difficulty getting the controller to see the correct signal and beep correctly.
I will list the points which I feel are relevant otherwise it may be a long post.

R7008SB rx programmed to Fasstest 12 channel and linked to TX "Robbe" FX 32 with Futaba 12 FG style software.
Rx set as B on the chart using 7 PWM channels + SBUS ie two red light blinks. Both rx Tx switched off afterwards to store.

Controller plugged into channel 3 as shown on chart and on Function menu of TX.. Throttle channel reversed

Elevator and rudder channels work as expected.

When the main plugs are connected to Rx and battery there are NO beeps. However the servo monitor and a slave servo connected to channel three ( Throt) work fine. I dont use switches I use the Multiplex plugs from battery to contoller or device direct.

If I plug up the system with the main plugs connected and the throt servo removed and then plug in the throt /controller plug to the rx , it BEEPS and works .
Its as almost if it needs a switch on the throttle plug line as in a non BEC system.

If I use a standard 7 channel Faast Rx instead it all works fine as it has done for a long time. I have changed the controller for a new one I had and it does not chnage things.

Reason for all of this was to use a small Angel S 30 to trial SBUS 431 gyro using the S BUS output on 8 to understand S BUS better for my jets in future. So far its pretty unsuccessful.

Any ideas very welcome as this has me beat !!!!



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