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340cudaman 06-09-2015 12:42 AM

2 blade to 3 blade
I have the fun cub. I wish to use a 3 blade instead of 2. I like the extra thrust and ground clearance vs a 2 blade. I have a 10-7 3 blade master airscrew, phoenix 50 edge 50a 34v esc, himax brushless outrunner HC3516-1130 and will be using a flightPower li-po 3s 11.1v 25c 24w battery.
Will the 10-7 work with this set-up or will I nedd to use a different prop? I purchased the plane in kit form and is almost completed, so I haven't tested any props yet. Thanks in advance.

Quorneng 06-11-2015 01:28 PM

For a given current draw and pich you will obtain the highest thrust from a 2 blade.
The 3 blade will have a smaller diameter but will draw more current to achieve the same thrust and pitch.
My advice would be to use the recommended 2 blade prop first then you will have something to compare the performance of the 3 blade against.

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