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loser 02-19-2007 09:38 AM

HELP...Motor/speed control shutting down....
I only have minimal electric exp. and could use some help. I picked up a P-47 foamie (Hobby Lobby?) at a Flea Mkt. recently. It came with an MP Jet AC 28/7-35D motor and speed control (no name on control but hard wired to motor) and an APC 9x3.8 prop. Has two Hitec Hs 55's. I put a GWS 6 Ch. Rec. and a Thunder Tiger 1320 3 cell lipo in it.
I flew two short flights with it and both had the same results......flew a few half throttle circuits then gave full throttle and pulled into a loop. Plane makes it 1/4 through and the motor stops . After the nose drops I glide the plane in. The plane is controllable during the glide so control surfaces are working. I did not try throttling back up during the glide. Both times the plane was ~100 feet from me.

Any Ideas???? Is my speed control not up to the current draw and shutting down?


salnsp 02-20-2007 12:48 PM

RE: HELP...Motor/speed control shutting down....
Hard to tell exactly what's going on as you do not know what controller you have. That's unfortunate. My first guess is that you are experiencing a shut down due to low voltage cutoff. I might think that the speed control is set for hard cutoff. Li-Polys do not like a hard cutooff as they can sag a bit when throttle is advancing. This causes the cutoff. It also may be due to the battery itself. If the battery is old, or just cannot keep up with the demands of the motor and speed control, you will go into cutoff.

I would try to find the information on the esc and try to program it for soft cutoff. If you can do this, it should take care of the problem. Make sure you have a good name brand battery to work with. If you cannot find info on the controller as a last resort replacing it would be an option.

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