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scrooks 02-20-2007 05:39 PM

Next Plane
Sal, or anyone who is willing to help,
I've been flying a GreatPlanes Mini Sportster for the last three months (purchased from NSP);). This has been a great second step plane for me and I still enjoy the flying and continue to hone my aerobatic skills everytime I fly it. I would like your advice on which plane to move to next. Here are some criteria.

1. Must be able to Run off grass and be flown at local school yard. (100+ yard landing area)
2. Less than 55 inch wing span.
3. Outrunner compatible.

Currently I'm considering the following models from NSP

Accord R&R
Javelin 2
Vermont Bee (love the colors over the 1300);)

Thanks for the help.

salnsp 02-20-2007 06:29 PM

RE: Next Plane
I certainly can answre that since I run and own NSP!

I would go with either the Samba or the AcroSport. Both of these models have an excellent mix of speed, aerobatics, and the ability to do 3D and slow down very well. The Samba is a bit more quick than the AcroSport. The AcroSport as a little bit slower low end and is a bit more forgiving although both are without bad habits.

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