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Li-Po for Newbs

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Default Li-Po for Newbs

Hi all, new to the board and this is first post.
I have a Sky Fly that I have been flying for about a week.
I am going to swap it out for an Electristar that I have assembled and gotten ready to go. This is my first experience with electric RC stuff.
I went down today and purchased a Poly RC 14.8V 3200mAh battery for it and a Multiplex LN-5014 charger.
Having read now for about two hours I am almost more confused than when I started.
Can somone point me to a clear and concise set of reference material on the proper way to "treat"
a li-po battery. i.e. do I need to break it in with a charge and discharge cycle?
How far down should I run it? What is the proper way to recharge?
I have read what seems like 100 different opinions that basically say the same thing but vary wildly in some areas.
Is there a particular thread where all this info is laid out for newbs like myself?
Thanks in advance for any help.

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Default RE: Li-Po for Newbs

As far as how to treat it, yes it's a good idea to run a "form" charge on lipo's, 0.5C charge 2C discharge for 3 cycles, and allow the pack to cool down between cycles to something like 80F

You can run it down about 80%. I shoot for a resting nominal voltage, so that means on a 4s pack, I would shoot for an 14.8v reading after the battery has rested for a min or two after your flight. Max discharge is like 3.0v/cell under load (so 12v in your case), there are all sorts of meters that make sounds or blink or throttle your ESC ect.

Recharge at a max of 1C or 3.2A for your battery. Watch the temps and keep the pack below 90F while charging =) A slower charge on the pack may make it last longer (but then again it may not really make a difference), something like 0.5C to 0.7C. If you put more than about 2.7Ah in your pack, then you've likely drained it too far.

Make sure to balance the pack atleast every 4 or 5 flights. I prefer to just do it every time. Some go 30 or 40 flights before they balance, I see that as being more risk than I want to take, especially with how easy balancing is.


welcome to RCU =)

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