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LiamMadyam 03-02-2020 12:01 AM

Best batteries for our Radios
Hi guys,

Ive been researching batteries with a view to time between charges, My Tecsun PL-600 had 1000 Mah rechargeables, I've replaced them with Three 2500 Mah rechargeables - Duracell HR6/DX1500. So far they've gone 30 days on one charge and It still has a quarter bar on the battery gauge. What experience do you guys have with different batteries? I noticed my XHdata d808 already has 2000 Mah batteries so I'll leave those in. I generally use the PL600 at least an hour a day and three nights a week recording on a timer for another hour per day (night). My Tecsun PL-310 has two 1900 MAH batteries, again I think they will stay. My Retekess V115 has a BL5-c 1000 Mah battery which also seems very good on battery life.

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