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panzerd18 10-26-2005 07:24 AM

Help a newbie with nicads

I have just bought a JR 2610 transmitter with a 4.8volt 1100mAh (4N1100) receiver nicad pack and a 9.6volt 600mAh (JR-2S) nicad transmitter pack.

I have also bought a nice Swallow Advanced charger (http://www.modelflight.com.au/rc_mod...ry_charger.htm)

There are no instructions in the JR manual or the Swallow charging manual about the proper charge rates for my nicads. I am scared I will blow my nicads up if I use the improper charge or discharge.

The charger has peak detection and will charge from 0.1A - 5.0A and discharge from 0.1A - 1.0A.

In the manual it has an example of a nicad being discharged at 0.50A and being charged at 3.0A.

What is the general rule for charging/discharging rates for nicads?

Thanks for your help guys/girls

panzerd18 10-26-2005 07:47 AM

RE: Help a newbie with nicads
I'm discharging the 1100mAh receiver pack now at 0.5A. The charger is getting hot.

Mad Wax 10-26-2005 08:04 AM

RE: Help a newbie with nicads
I would charge both packs at 100mah for the first few charges, then once used them for a bit charge at 300mah for 1100mah pack and 200mah for the transmitter pack. You're probably discharging a bit too fast since it's a fairly low capacity pack. Set to around 300mah discharge. Do a cycle/capacity stored check (charge, then discharge and note down the amount the battery has stored)

panzerd18 10-26-2005 08:34 AM

RE: Help a newbie with nicads
Thanks for your help. It discharged pretty quickly on 500mAh. I am now charging at 100mAh like you said. On the screen the swallow is showing the battery at 5.591V. The pack is 4.8V so why is it at 5.591V?

Mad Wax 10-26-2005 08:46 AM

RE: Help a newbie with nicads
Charge rate voltage is higher than pack voltage, ie my TX pack 3PK is now charging @ 10.55V (8 cell)
edit now 11.19v (full auto NIMH mode)

Rodney 10-26-2005 08:49 AM

RE: Help a newbie with nicads
It may behoove you to check out Red's site www.rcbatteryclinic.com for good info on the care of all types of batteries, very good info for the newbe's especially.

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