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y7deluxe 01-03-2009 03:48 PM

How to build an NiMH pack myself?
I have a serpent 950r and it has space for a small 6.0v 5cell battery pack. The pack has 5 cells that lay straight across horizontally and the cells appear to be the size of a AAA battery. The closest thing to this pack that I could find was an 8.4v 7cell battery pack. I was hoping to remove 2 cells from the pack and use it, but I wasn't sure how. I searched RCU for instructions on how to build a pack and couldn't find anything. I also tried googling it and didn't come up with anything. If anybody has a link to a page that shows how to do this, that'd be very helpful to me. Thanks!

1 Pitts Special 1 01-06-2009 09:50 PM

RE: How to build an NiMH pack myself?
They make AAA NiMd packs. They can also be purchased with tabs for building your own packs. Get a good charger and you should have no problem. Google it again and you will find the tabed ones sold individually. You can also purchase the AAA's at Walmart or Toy-r-us. I saw them Christmas. All the best.

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