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Default Timer?

I am totally paranoid of running out of fuel and I thing I need to get some sort of timer...Any recommendations?


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Default RE: Timer?

Any count down timer that will stick on, or the type that have spring clamps. You can find them at the dollar stores cheap.
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Default RE: Timer?

You can stick one to a clothespin and pit it to your antenna, or the little 'handle' on the top/back of your radio.

Personally I just listen for engine irregularities when I'm flying and that's when I know it's time to land.
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Default RE: Timer?

Why are you paranoid about running out of fuel? Just for fun, make the committment to killing the engine during your flight when you know you have plenty of altitude, and practice flying and landing your plane without power. If you're really nervous, go ahead and get an experienced flyer to work with you on the buddy box. You'll soon discover that deadstick is no reason to panic. As you get more experience with it, you're anxiety level will go down, and your enjoyment will go up.

In the meantime, a cheap kitchen time clipped to the brim of your hat or to the transmitter antenna will work just fine.

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Default RE: Timer?


To REALLY play it safe....

Fill your fuel tank up and then while timing the run, run the engine at full throttle until it runs out of fuel.

Take that time, and subtract 30 seconds.

Set this as your timer limit.

You never really run the engine at full throttle all the time, nor should you ( usually )... so you end up with a nice safety margin.

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Default RE: Timer?

I run a timer for all my flights. For the radios I have that don't have timers on them I have a cheap baking timer that I purchased at Wal-mart that I use. I have a clothes pin on the back of it and I just clip it to the handle on my radio. Since it counts down I don't have to look at it to see my time, the timer beeps when it's time to land.

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Default RE: Timer?

Some of my planes that aren’t that much fun to deadstick, or I really don’t like to deadstick unless I have to, I’ll set the countdown timer on my transmitter (Futaba 7C) so I’ll have 2 additional minutes of fuel left for a few approaches/balked landings. Other planes that are fun to deadstick I don’t worry about it and just land when ever (when ever I feel like it or when ever I run out of fuel, which ever comes first). If I don’t have a timer on the transmitter I’ll set the countdown timer on my watch.

The exception to the 2 minute thing is my Herr Lil Extra which has less than 6 minutes of total fuel on board, but I also very rarely leave the a 100’ X 100’ X 100’ box so I’m not as worried about a dead stick – I’m over the runway all the time, and rarely fly it with anybody else is in the air. Half my landings with that one so far have been deadstick from running out of fuel.

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Default RE: Timer?

I really use the timer on all my flights, I am not paranoic about death sticks, I have had plenty of them but I really want to enjoy the entire flight, practicing pattern maneuvers and have safety landings.
A friend of mine has a Venus II powered by a Saito 1.50, I do not know the size of the tank but that engine consumes a lot of fuel and he has a very tight time to perform the advanced pattern routine.
It is just not fun to run out of fuel when you are practicing those routines in the club field or away in a contest, so I find the use of a timer a good choice. Also take note that better radios have better timers included and there is a reason for that.
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Default RE: Timer?

I am a bit adverse to risk and prefer to have a 2nd chance to land if needed, so I have the timer in my radio count-down automatically.

It takes about 50 cranks on my fuel pump to fill my tank, so when I refill after a flight I often count how many cranks I put in the tank to have an idea of how much fuel I had remaining when I landed.
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Default RE: Timer?

I have my timers set but almost never use them?? I just forget, brain fart or senior moment. If I run out of fuel out on A dry lake bed then no big deal but I do have A couple of fields that A dead stick could give me A big bite!! I have taken all my planes up with A full tank and flown them hard for 10 minutes then landed. Pulled the plane apart and looked to see how much fuel I had left. Sometimes it was close!! I now figure one ounce A minute and set my timers to the tank size, so far so lucky!!
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Default RE: Timer?

Tonight was training night at the club field and I had the club trainer out flying. One student, towards the end of the training session, just wanted to keep flying since it was starting to get dark and it was the last flight of the night. He's about ready to solo I decided to just let him fly and see how long it would go before running out of fuel. The plane is a Hangar 9 Extra Easy 2 with the stock Evolution training engine, 2-blade MAS GF-3 11 X 6 prop and stock fuel tank (this is the predecessor to the Alpha 40). We flew at 1/2 throttle the whole flight and the tank ran dry at just over 28 minutes. I have my watch's count down timer set at 10 minutes, and reset it twice during the powered flight. I checked it when the tank ran dry and it showed less than 2 minutes left on the timer. Now I know I can easily do two 10 minute training flights and still have a reserve.


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