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Questions about ESC... LVC, programing ect...

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Default Questions about ESC... LVC, programing ect...

First off, I apologize for the longer read. If you want to skip to the bottom where I have my questions... Feel free.

OK. To start I have been in and out of RC hobbies for some time. Flew free flight 1/2A as a kid, had a couple of 2 channel gliders during that time (never really flown anything powered RC). Got into RC cars a fer years after I stopped flying. Went through periods of not using the RC cars a few times. Recently got back into cars again do to several people I work with being into them (apparently a lot of people in the motorsports industry have expensive toys...) One of my driving buddies has recently got into drones. While drones aren't really in my interest, it did spark a bit of interest in flying again. So my goal was cheep trainer to start with and maybe go up from there.

So I have an old FM 4 channel that came with a Helimax copter given to me a long time ago. From what I understand it does have a limited range 600-800 feel IIRC which should be enough for a smaller trainer. I was given a RCMC 30A ESC and a Propdrive 28 1200KV brush less motor for the build. Right now I have everything in an STM Piper Cub fuselage that I cant remember where I got it from but my wife traded something for a while ago. I know Piper Cub = probably not the best trainer, this one seems really heavy for a foam plane. I am thinking of building something a bit lighter like an FT Old Fogey to actually fly. All in all I think I have about $50 wrapped up in it (props, battery, connectors, and some other small items)

Today I did some testing. Charged my battery, connected a volt meter between the motor and ESC to monitor voltage under load. From what I have been reading it is not a good idea to run the battery to low (3VDC per cell is from what everyone recommends is the absolute lowest). I ran the motor full throttle with the plane held down. From full charge it ran just a little bit more that 13 minutes before I shut it down just a bit above 6VDC. Just to see if the ESC had LVC I ran it back up and the battery dropped under 6V so I shut it back down again.... So I don't think LVC is active.

So my questions...

1. The ESC says flashed with SimonK firmware and from what I have read his firmware does not have LVC. Is that correct????

2. If the former is true, is it possible to reflash back to a firmware that does have LVC? or is it too hard to tell without knowing what the original manufacture of the ESC is.

3. Am I on the right track as far as battery minimums and what not? Also to note all testing was done with a prop installed.

4. Lastly (for the moment). Any suggestions for an air frame would be gladly accepted. As of right now dollar tree foam board is building material of choice.


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