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Thread Modes Esc wiring

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Default Thread Modes Esc wiring

Hello everyone,
I'm new to RC and I won some old hardware and.
In all builds I saw, the ESC had 3 wires side by side (A B C). But this one has 2 on one side and 1 on the other.
From what I know, I can change A with C wire, it will change the motor direction, but later I can change it in the software.

In this ESC, which one is the B wire?? Does the B Wire always have to be connected to the middle motor wire?

Thank you

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It is a brushless controller. The three black wires are the motorwires. One of the soldering pads was designed on other side of the PCB, that's all.

Brushless because of the big black electronic current-switches (powerFETs), in 23fold (or in multiples of 6).
The other two big black components to the right side are the FET drivers, one for the three high-side FETs, one for the three low-side FETs. You can forget all this EE techno-geek-speak

Reverse any two of the motor wires to reverse motor rotation. Always disconnect battery, or two/three motorwires, before working on power system!
The red (plus) and black (minus) wires are the battery wires. NEVER EVER reverse them to rotate direction, will cost you your controller (electronics in general, car, sound, tv, ...).

The three motor/ESC wires are equivalent, but not identical. They carry the same power signal albeit with a 120degree phase ('time') difference, switching between zero and full voltage. One complete voltage cycle corresponds with one magnet passing a stator pole.

You can connect the three motorwires anyway you want. If motor runs in the wrong direction, just swap any two of the three motorwires. But NEVER EVER swap battery wires to reverse rotation, reversing battery polarity will ruin you controller, bigly, in the blink of an eye
Different colours for motorwires are handy for remembering the ESC→ motor connections, that's all

See also these
brushless motor animations and simulations - RCG

Motorvoltages at full throttle, no chopping up voltage in pieces.
Click image for larger version

Name:	full_throttle.gif
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Motorvoltages at partial throttle, PWM chopping ('grass') to reduce effective voltage.
Click image for larger version

Name:	partial_throttle.gif
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Scope traces from, DIY brushless motor building (english&german)

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Originally Posted by Defumador
... I won some old hardware ...
What have you won? Make, type, pictures?
What other equipment do you have? Radio, motor, battery, charger, ...?

Originally Posted by Defumador
... I'm new to RC ...
Some well-structured reading for rainy/windy days, including e-flight_101 & 102, and some handy e-tools.
Will save you, and us a lot of questions. Notably the 'what went wrong?' kind of questions
Will also prevent you from burning up several controllers and/or motors and/or battery:
E-flight primer and tools

And pleasepleaseplease, do your RC equipment, wallet, ego, battery, controller, motor, house/garage/car a big favour ... get a watt-meter.
It will more than pay for itself, will save you at least one fried motor and one fried controller. Will also help you finding the best setup. A real must have.

Vriendelijke groeten en wees voorzichtig, Ron
• Without a watt-meter you're in the dark ... until something starts to glow •
E-flight calculatorswatt-metersdiy motor tips&tricksCumulus MFC

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