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ESC Throttle control set backwards

Old 05-12-2022, 09:59 AM
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Default ESC Throttle control set backwards

Hey guys, so I goofed when I was setting up my ESC/receiver combo. I turned on the transmitter, plugged in the ESC and then flipped the stick on the transmitter up to set it to calibrate. Those in the know will have already spotted the problem, and I should explain I was doing this after 11 hours at work so wasn't exactly box fresh (lesson learned). So I heard the beeps, put the stick back down and immediately the motor jumped to life, sucking up my freshly wired connectors and creating an unearthly maelstrom of sparks and regret. After hastily unplugging the battery I clocked on to the fact that I have managed to set the throttle calibration backwards, so that up on the stick is 0% and down is full send. When I turn it on I can get it back into calibration mode by leaving the stick at bottom but then that doesn't really get me anywhere because it needs to remain at the bottom to be correct. I've also ran through the reset to default option but (unless I'm somehow doing it wrong) that seems to only reset the startup mode, engine brake etc. For the moment I've reversed the input on my tx but it feels like a janky way to get around it, and it creates some interesting issues such as if I set a switch to turn the throttle off and on, upon turning the switch off the motor will jump to 100%, which doesn't seem particularly safe or useful. I've read the ESC instructions through and through and they are less than helpful, and I don't seem to be able to find the information online which either means I'm completely off in my approach, it's so obvious it shouldn't need explaining, or I've completely borked it so tough luck.

So TLR my ask is this; is there a way to reset my ESC to first run calibration/ setup? I'm using a Jumper t-pro multi-protocol transmitter running Edge TX, Futaba R2006GS receiver and a hobbywing skywalker ESC.

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So as a follow up to this, for anyone bored enough to read through the whole thing, I came up with a better Tx based solution. Rather than setting the throttle input as reversed on the model setup screen, I reversed the direction of the output so now all switching options work as expected. I still wonder if there's a cleaner solution out there, but this works and will get my cub off the ground. Fly safe y'all.
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if its a brushless motor, easiest solution is to reverse servo back the way it was in radio and then switch any 2 wires on the motor going to ESC and that should fix the issue.
of course do with the prop OFF the motor.

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I just wanted to relate with a similar, yet hilarious (or frightening) experience.

I was setting up a new plane, and about to do a taxi test on my driveway, to make sure everything was working, make some adjustments, etc., before the first flight. I connected the flight battery, waited for the receiver beeps, had the throttle stick at zero, and disengaged Throttle Hold. It immediately went to full throttle. Thankfully, everything was secured, and only near-panic ensued, as I decided whether to hit Throttle Hold or unplug the battery.

I had no time to think of anything else, or figure out the cause of the problem in those few seconds. If I had, I would have just shoved the throttle to full and the motor would have stopped. But shoving a throttle stick up to turn it off is extremely counter-intuitive.

For some unknown reason, the throttle channel was reversed in my TX. On the bench, I had set up and tested everything else prior to this, and everything seemed normal (even though it is very common to have to reverse a flight control surface direction). But until my driveway taxi test, I had never hooked up and ran the motor. I fully expected to have to reverse 2 motor wires for correct rotation, but in 40+ years of modeling, I don't think I have ever needed to reverse an electronic throttle. Weird - as I don't see how I could have inadvertently reversed it beforehand during setup, myself.

The next time I hook up a new motor or ESC, I hope I remember to keep this potential problem in mind again then. And first run the motor without the prop (big safety rule for electric motors).

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