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wattage motor smoking HELP!

Old 10-05-2003, 06:10 PM
tracy linder
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Default wattage motor smoking HELP!

I crashed my wattage fokker plane on its first flight and left the throttle wide open, when I got to the plane wich wasnt hurt the engine was smoking the prop was stuck in the mud and couldnt turn with the throttle wide open . the battery was super hot as was the engine and smoking. I let the engine and battery cool for a day then recharged it and turned it on, the motor had no power at all and sterted smoking again and then just stopped. battery was hot again. So do you think I need a new engine and battery or what. If I smoked the engine and battery or maybe the speed control, im thinking about putting a norvel .074 nitro engine on it. anybody got any answers for me , im new at this electric thing. This is my third elec. plane that will not fly.
Old 10-05-2003, 08:46 PM
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Default RE: wattage motor smoking HELP!

If the motor was hot enough to smoke then you do need to replace it. Electric + smoke = replacement! [] I would try cycling the batteries to check if they are still good for sure. Do you have a good charger/cycler eg. Electrafly Triton. or Sirus? If not maybe your hobby shop could help you. If they cycle to the designated mah they are okay. If not your batteries are bad. Next time you crash just be sure to put the throttle in "idle" position and shut off your reciever before the transmitter. The speed control should be fine as they are designed to handle more Amp draw than used for any given set-up provided you used the recomended speed control. [X(] I always buy a speed controller with an external "arming switch". That way I can always be sure the speed control is "OFF" when I want it off. I have three Watt-age planes and have also crashed all of them due to pilot error! Watt-age makes high quality stuff so I wouldn't blame the manufacturer.
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Matt Kirsch
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Default RE: wattage motor smoking HELP!

Yep, once you let the magic smoke out, there's no going back. The Wattage Fokker Eindecker takes a relatively inexpensive (~$10) 380 motor, IIRC. It would be more expensive to replace it with a norvel, and the norvel would probably shake the poor little plane to pieces...

Hindsight being 20/20 and all, next time, shut the throttle off, preferably before the plane hits the ground. Unlike a glow engine where it doesn't matter, a stalled electric motor is a short circuit, like putting a penny across the terminals of the battery. It doesn't do any of the parts in the circuit any good, least of all the motor

Your battery's probably fine, as is your speed control, as long as it doesn't look burned.

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