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Buying one brushless, what is most versatile

Old 10-17-2003, 06:07 PM
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Default Buying one brushless, what is most versatile

With the price of BL motors and ESC's rather high, I want to get a good motor and controller that I can swap around from plane to plane and have good performance. I like to fly the 3D types. I just got some fanfold and plan to do a few 12-14 oz planes. I prefer to run 3s LiPo 1500 packs so the amp load needs to max out around 10amps or so. I have heard that the Razor 350 is an excellent motor but their website says handmade to order which likely means a long wait plus they said there are no parts available for the gearbox if it fails. I could run it in the GWS EPS 300 gearbox if I got the non gear drive version as several others have done. I just got the new Hobby Lobby catalog and they have several small rotating can BL motors but haven't heard any thing about them or the matching Jeti contollers. Most are listed as limited to 8 cells so that would put them out of reach with 3S Lipos. I guess I could run 2S2P if that would be the way to go.
I have flown enough with the GWS motors and speed 400/280s to know I want to go BL but not near enough to choose one. With the vast range of choices available I kind of can't see the trees for the forest!
Thanks,,, basmntdweller
Old 10-18-2003, 08:25 AM
Dr Kiwi
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Default RE: Buying one brushless, what is most versatile

Damn, I just wrote you a great reply and the server crashed as I tried to post it. Here we go again!

Your decision may need to be based more on the most suitable MOUNTING method rather than the motor. The outrunner motors (Nippy, PJS) requiring no gearbox are simpler but can really only be firewall mounted and need room to spin. A Razor with a Maxxon or Won mount can be firewall mounted, but if one used a GWS box it can be stick-mounted [the GWS box allows for varied gear ratios too]. The MP Jet 25/25 and 25/35 have a gearbox suited to firewall mounting, but if one uses a Mountain Models ply mount (see my various posts on these) they can be stick-mounted too. The MiniAC 1215 with the VMGM g/box is firewall mounted, but can be "beam-mounted" if one uses an ACC347 metal g/box and a Graupner 400 mount (HLAN 2096) or if one uses a Mini Olympus g/box.

It all depends on what is going to be the most versatile for YOUR sort of aircraft.

Cheers, Phil
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Default RE: Buying one brushless, what is most versatile

if you are just getting one..

a hacker b20-15 L or 18L w/ the 4:1 gear is what I'd buy.

$139 at new creations rc in willis texas..

You can run it on a 3S lipo pack or 8-10 950's or 1100 round cells.. the amps will be a little higher than 10, so if you are looking at lipos, you might consider thunder power 3S1P 2100's (79$) or two etec 1200 3S1P packs wired together to make a 3S2P configuration (around 100$)

w/ the 10 cell pack, or the 3S combo, you can prop a 15L w/ a 10-7 slowflyer apc prop.. w the 18L , you can probably get away w/ a 11-7.. dropping down to 8 cells you can even try the new 12-6 apc-e slowflyer..

so it is a good choice for any plane w/ a all up weight under 25 ounces or so.. Mine has 32 ounces of thrust if I remember right..

Good luck!

Old 10-22-2003, 03:57 PM
Greg Covey
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Default RE: Buying one brushless, what is most versatile

In general, brushless motors have an inherent wide dynamic range of operation. They can work on a wide range of cells and can usually replace many sizes of motors in adjacent power sizes.

This is, however, limited by size and weight. You don't want an additional 5 ounces of motor in a 10-15oz plane.

I think that your best bet is to get a motor that you can gear at different ratios and use various cell counts. The Razor motors are a nice fit in any GWS EPS-300C gearbox but the motors are hard to come by.

The Hacker motors are good if you can narrow the choices down. An Astro Flight 010 is a good plug-n-play solution and can also be easily mated to an EPS-300C gearbox. AeroMicro sells them ready to go with ESC and your choice of gear ratio [link=]here[/link].

Good luck!
Old 10-24-2003, 06:38 AM
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Default RE: Buying one brushless, what is most versatile

Just to let you know, I just purchased a razor motor direct from It was two weeks from order to my door. My efriends in CA can't say enough good things about this motor coupled to a GWS EP300 gearbox. I'll let you know when I have it installed.

John Pursell
Old 11-13-2003, 07:35 PM
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Default RE: Buying one brushless, what is most versatile

I like th Astro 010 for what you have described. They have a new 3.3;1 gear box that is bulit proof or the very nice Planetary that is also small [link=]See them both by clicking here[/link]. I have had real good luck with these motors, All american made and I get good service from Bob at Astro. For a lot more power (little more weight) take a look at their 020 motor.

Good Winds
Cliff Whhitney
Old 11-14-2003, 10:19 AM
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Default RE: Buying one brushless, what is most versatile

If you want a pleasant surprise - grab one of new inexpensive Himax 4100 on a GWS drive ----
I have Hackers and tried the outrunners also all nice but this little bugger really cooks.

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