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PLEASE HELP. W/ Himax 2025

Old 09-13-2005, 06:00 PM
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Default PLEASE HELP. W/ Himax 2025

Please someone hlep me understand what's worng here. I just got a mini katana airplane and it came w/ the himax 2025 motor with the gear. The first motor I got stripped the gear immediately upon spooling up the first time. Then I tried the next size gear that came w/ the motor and it stripped that one also. Finally I put the last gear on and it was the 62 tooth but not knowing to cange the prop to a 10/7 I then fried the motor. So here I am on my second motor and I check the meshing right out of the box and the gears seemed not to correctly but I tried it any way and nowit stripped ,,,,,,,, Iam stumped.Any ideas? Should I trash this motor and get a direct drive. I dont think geared moters like me!!! PLEASE HELP..and Thanks
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Default RE: PLEASE HELP. W/ Himax 2025

sounds like a gearbox problem to me, but I can't provide much help really. What brand of gearbox is it? Order a Cobri gearbox and that'll solve things.
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Default RE: PLEASE HELP. W/ Himax 2025

You do have a mesh problem. You must set up the gear mesh yourself. I've found the Cobri gear box stands up to the punishment about 10 times better than any of the plastic boxes. Get one of those and set it up to a final gear ratio of 5.4 to 1 for use with a 11x6 or 12x4 SF prop with your 2025 motor on 3S lipo. Assemble the box with both gears and motor. Loosen up the adjustment screw and push the motor down a little. Take a piece of typing paper and run it between the gears. Push the motor back into place and tighten the screw. Pull out the paper. Flip the prop. If it goes about half a turn after you release, you're in the right ballpark. If it spins a turn or more, you're too loose. If it bumps when you turn the prop slowly, you're too tight. I've had great luck with the Cobri gear box and I'm known to really punish my stuff.

Hope this helps, Randy

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