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Some usable data

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Default Some usable data

One of the major hurdles that glow flyers have in trying to transition to electric is finding any data that allows them to compare the performance of their glow engines to electric systems. It is a wall I still run into. It seems that no such data has ever been presented.

Today I ran some tests with my tach on the $9.29 GWS direct drive brushed EDP 400B motor:

I installed an APC 5.7x3 Glow prop which is the most commonly used prop on Cox .049s. I used two different batteries: a Great Planes 8.4v 650mah NiNH and a GP 9.6v 650mah NiMH.

I was totally surprised at the results. The little motor turned the APC 5.7x3 right at 15,750 rpm with the 9.6v pack. This is a glow prop.

This is actually better than a Cox Golden Bee and many Babe Bees, but not as good as a Black Widow. I think it's about the same as the AP Wasp .061.

So, anyone wanting to have quiet, throttled flying with a model designed around the Cox reed valve .049s - of which there are literally hundreds - could successfully use this inexpensive setup. Granted it's going to weigh more than an .049, but take into account all the models that were designed for use with old, standard size radio gear (such a s my Randy Randolph Bee-Tween) and with todays micro gear you can pretty much gain back the weight savings.

I thought some might appreciate knowing that there is an electric equivalent to the Cox .049 reed valve engine. And that it actually costs less than a glow setup! The Wasp is $40.
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Default RE: Some usable data

This is good that your doing something for yourself to just see whats what. But rpms won't fly an airplane alone. Matter of fact I can't sit here and say your test isn't goin to work. But!
Glow manuf. did all the test for you when the give a range of motors. And now E Manuf. are starting to do this aswell. In electric you start with the plane and find out how heavy it is then you decide how you want it to preform. after you do this you get the chart out and see how many watts you need to fly the way you choose. (50w per lb is min for any flight)Then you by the motor that will do that and you buy the prop that will get the watts and amps and rpms to do it.Then get a battery that will supply the amps and time you want. Again Horizon gets the nod with me I buy only Thunder Power Batteies yes the cost more but they stand behind them and there hasn't been a battery that I have found that compares. I fly 30 minutes on the same size battery that the guy next to me has but paid 10.00 dollars less he flys 13 minutes! Go to E flight web site and look at the charts they show all this and its great info. I have just started to convert all my glow to Elictric. Just don't do like me and buy stuff with no name and try to use it after the plane crashes. Get a company and stick with there items and grow with them. I have picked E flight and have sent them about 3000.00 in the last 6 months there items come right from the box ready to go and if you plan ahead you can buy a speed control bigger then you need and noth have to up grade later. also there motors follow glow a 25 =.25 32=.32 60=.60

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