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Question about E Speed Control vs. Switch

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Default Question about E Speed Control vs. Switch

Hello everyone:
I have been trying to get an electric glider flying by converting my 2 channel Olympic 650 (rudder/elevator) and using a an old reliable 4 channel Futaba radio.

I have the Master Airscrew flight pack, which is a geared (3:1) can motor (roughly equivalent to an 05 or a speed 600 I think) with the stock folding prop.
I had trouble with this combination with my first battery pack (8 Sanyo AA size cells - 1100 mAh).
The ESC was an Astro Flight 215 D.
It has a 5V BEC and it kept cutting out early.

After getting some online advice, I got a bigger battery pack to feed the hungry 7.5 volt motor, (7 Sanyo 1700 mAh cells were needed to keep the voltage up and not have ethe BEC shut it down).

Much better power.
The motor really pulls.

But now I can't get the ESC to work at all.

Note: this ESC has a device that prevents the motor from quick starting and will only start the motor slowly, after several seconds - as long as the throttle stick and trim are set low (or off) when the ESC is turned on.
I checked and rechecked everything, including the throttle servo reversing switch to make sure I had it set up with low throttle & low trim setting when I turned it on.
I didn't wire the motor/ESC wrong, nor did I plug in a receiver battery as warned by the instructions, so I'm sure I didn't damage the ESC.

In the meantime, I also tried out a Great Planes Electrifly switch from Tower Hobby.
It is rated for the 7.5 volt Master Airscrew motor and from the tech notes it is supposed to be a good match.

This Electrifly device has a "soft start" but it is really a fancy on/off switch, not a speed control.
That would be ok by me, but it didn't work either.
Apparently, the throttle stick won't be any good with this device as the device won't work with a proportional control.
I need a two position switch somwhere on my transmitter, which I don't have on this simple 4 channel Futaba.
I guess I could try my Jr computer radio, (it has lots of switches).
But the Jr receiver is too big to fit the space in the glider.

Electrics are so frustrating.
Hardly seems worth all the trouble.
Question: Is there a way to convert the Futaba throttle stick too work as a non proportional switch??

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