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RoyR 08-01-2018 09:59 AM

Turnigy ESC Can't hear tone
I am installing a Turnigy G46 with Turnigy Plush 80 Amp ESC in a new Airplane. Neither have been used, I bought them a few years ago.
Initially I plugged everything in, got the correct beeps, and the motor ran, as normal.
I began setting up my controls, (Ailerons/flaps, etc.). which required multiple plugging and unplugging the battery. When I finished, I plugged it in and could not hear the beeps from the motor. It made a quiet beeping sound, and the motor would jerk each time, but would not run. I un plugged the ESC and turned the radio off a couple of times. Soon the motor would run, but I had to open to half throttle before it started, and I can barely hear the beeps.
Any ideas?

gyrocptr 08-08-2018 12:40 PM

Sound comes from the motor windings. Loss of sound and motor stutter =>Perhaps a ESC-motor connection has gone bad... broken wire under the shrink tubing, broken solder joint, corrosion/contamination in the bullet connector.

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