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ThacherD 08-17-2004 08:46 PM

Help?? My Clancy Lazy Bee Lacks Power!
I maidened my Clancy Lazy Bee tonight, and I must say that I love the way that this airplane looks in the sky. My problem is that I had to maintain almost full power to keep the bird in the air. I purchased the combo from Hobby People, it was their special ARF with the radio, servos, motor, esc included. Here are the specs.

Super 400 Cobalt motor direct drive motor with a 7x3 prop
a 7 cell, 8.4V, CP1300 Sanyo Ni-Cd battery pack from Watt-Age
and a wattage c-30a esc.

I was thinking of adding a gearbox and maybe a larger prop to the plane. Don't get me wrong, it flew very well. (almost floated in the air) I just would like a bit more get up and go so I can do some loops, etc. It just seems to be underpowered. Any advice would be appreciated.

cornj 08-17-2004 09:13 PM

RE: Help?? My Clancy Lazy Bee Lacks Power!
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I have the 40" LazyBee with Astro geared 020 brushless 3.3/1 system, 10 cell GP1100s and APC 10x4.7 SF prop. Plane will hover but not pull out, flies for about 10 to 15 min. I think with this type of plane you need a geared motor and bigger prop.

Matt Kirsch 08-18-2004 07:16 AM

RE: Help?? My Clancy Lazy Bee Lacks Power!
I think a gearbox will be your best bet. On direct drive, the SC400 is a "go fast" motor. The Lazy Bee is definitely not a "go fast" plane.

I haven't heard of too many geared applications using the SC400 motor, though. Most people give up on it in the early running. I'm not sure why, because my 3rd generation has been going strong for quite a while now. They're a little inefficient, but they pack quite a punch.

Scar 08-18-2004 07:46 AM

RE: Help?? My Clancy Lazy Bee Lacks Power!
Mine flew for the first time Sunday, I broke it in earlier as recommended with the provided 3 pitch prop and a couple D-Cells. I'm using 10 cells, the ones on sale now for $20 (I got them on an earlier sale for $10, I believe) which are only 500 mAh. Had to make a box, to mount the battery in the nose. I bought an 8X4 APC -E prop for it.

What a blast! I cycled the batteries a couple times, first (Matt gave me that tip a few months ago) and the first flight was just a riot. Only a few minutes, but hey, this was money well spent. That Bee was on sale in June for $100 (with the SC400, speed control and radio with servos) and it's on sale again now for $120. I'd recommend it! If you want long flights, probably better use a more expensive battery than I did.

Anyway, it's a rush to yank the rudder on this thing and watch it roll/spin/lurch. Loops are, oh, maybe 5' in diameter. Aw, heck, didn't buy it for a pattern ship, it's a novelty! I think everyone watching was grinning.

Next time, I'll watch that rear-mounted throttle lever, tho... boy, was my face red... but that's another story!

Good luck!
Dave Olson

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