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Control horn hard points??

Old 03-29-2006, 10:59 AM
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Default Control horn hard points??

Using Rocket City/Nelson style 8/32 threaded control horns, whats better and why, Cardens method of 3/8ths 1 inch sq. ply blocks inletted into the control surface or hardwood dowel inletted 100% against leading edge and drilled for 8/32..I'm sure somebody around here knows what I am refering too...Thanks for any "experienced" opinion...Walt
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Default RE: Control horn hard points??

Walt, I use a 1/2" dowel that goes through the entire surface. I counter sink the dowel so the head of the 8/32 bolt goes in an extra 1/8 pass the dowel and then use filler to fill in the hole. I also tap the dowel and epoxy the bolt in.

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Default RE: Control horn hard points??

I do it the same as Albert but I only go just to the top skin, not through it. I thread the bolt in from the bottom and cut the head off. This is just for a clean appearance from the top of the plane.

Make sure and use hardwood dowel so it doesn't split.

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Default RE: Control horn hard points??

I guess I'm doing a "hybrid" approach. I'm using the 3/8" square 1 x 1" blocks, but then drilled a 1/16" pilot hole into the 3/8" block and all the way through and out the top. I'm then using that pilot hole on the top to center a 1/2" hole using a forstner bit but only recessing the hole in from the top of the wing 1/2". The forstner bit leaves a perfectly flat bottom of the hole for a strong epoxy joint. Then I epoxy in a 1/2" round, 1/2" long dowel. Now, starting from the bottom again, I drill another 1/16" pilot hole through the original 1/16" hole in the 3/8" block and drill the pilot hole through the center of the top dowel. Drill out the hole to top size and you're good to go.

I'm only using one hard point in each elevator half and only two per aileron so I just want to make sure everything is well supported in the wing. Pus I'm using the Rocket City hardware which leaves the 8-32 srcew pretty close to the leading edge and the edge of the 3/8" block. The Dubro horns lets you put the holes much further back where it's stronger and still get the hinge directly over the hinge line.

Fwiw, If I did three per aileron and two per elevator half I would have just used the supplied 3/8" block.

If this doesn't make sense, I can take pictures (I'm finishing some up tonight) if you'd like.

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Default RE: Control horn hard points??

I use the 3/8th inch by inch pads that Carden has in there kits and haven't had any trouble and i'm using the 8/32 bolts screwed into the pad about a 1/4 inch past the pad into the foam and i use foam safe CA on the bolt when i'm screwing it in.Last fall i put a Carden in nose first(14 MZ receiver's are bad news) and destroyed the plane and it bent the 8/32 screws right over and the servo's (which are hitec 5955's) were not hurt at all and pads never received any damage either.All i did was epoxy the pads in and use rocket city hardware.

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