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Greekspeare 09-15-2011 06:08 AM

I.D. PLEASE - Fun Factor...Exact model?
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Hello All,

I have tried to indetify this model exactly, so that i can order exact parts. Picked it up at auction used with Traxxas TQ3 remote. I used clues like the priming pump on the gas tank to figure out that this may be an older model, cannot pin down purple exhaust, and there are no other identifying marks on the chassis (why don't the R/C manufacturers engrave them?).

The engine runs perfectly, i will now need to get steering parts (the plastic parts just after the steering servo are real mushy, it seems that the tires do not have a full turning range), which i would like to replace before buying a new reciver for the remote.

I have downloaded any CEN manual i can find, and included pics of the part of the vehicle i am talking about. I do not know the names of these, i just call them steering assembly. Do they have metal ones?

Can anyone identify exact model?

Thanks<br type="_moz" />

rolland 09-15-2011 07:04 PM

RE: I.D. PLEASE - Fun Factor...Exact model?
Fun Factor MT2. It should share alot of parts with the Magnum NX. I am pretty sure it shares arms and axles anyhow. Make sure you search and do the cup mod so the axles live longer. It is a shame that the MT2 never really got popular with the exception of the axles it is a great little truck the can take a beating.

la.rc.doc 09-17-2011 03:19 PM

RE: I.D. PLEASE - Fun Factor...Exact model?
Hey, Yes thats a Fun Factor with street tires on it, they are the excact same model as the Magum NX I have several CEN Models, whoever you purchased from just tired converting it into a street truck making for racing who knows ! they have a 3.0 (.18) on them, not bad trucks! if you need help email me at cleveland.badboy.lisa14@gmail.com and Ill help you out, I have my own RC repair shop and have been running these things for 20 yrs lol!!

Greekspeare 09-19-2011 09:10 AM

RE: I.D. PLEASE - Fun Factor...Exact model?
<span class="Apple-style-span">Thanks for the offers!

I actually thought i needed some steering parts (i am new to the terms so bear with me). The servo saver/ post / and associated parts were really mushy, and the the wheels would not turn. I took it aprt and cleaned it all off, had to shave some knicks of of the aluminium post to allow the plastic "something" bell to spin freely.It still does not have a really tight turning radius, but turns well now (at least i can drive it) It was a blast! Except....

My son took control, he was doing great...being very cautious, easing his way into it. Suddenly, the throttle opened up al the way, the car screamed in a straight line towards a solid concrete wall, and BLAM - full frontal collision.
He lost control of the radio (AM 27MHz)!</span><span class="Apple-style-span">We were not even that far from the car, but the interference opened the throttle servo ALL THE WAY until it was stuck. The front metal skid plate on the bottom bent, and the post (what is that called?) that runs from the front to rear wheels also bent.I took the set screws out of the end of that post on either side, and that freed up the rear wheels.The poor kid thinks he did it, i actually had to convince him it was not his fault.

After that, and with the camber being a little out of whack, we went through 5 tankfuls of fun. I am happy that i got it used, and am able to ease the boys into the hobby that we had to fix, runs excellent, and can apparently take a real beating.

One thing is curious, while i was performing off the ground tests, i di not notice that this was four AWD, as just the back wheels were turning. Is it a four wheel drive car?</span>

Greekspeare 09-19-2011 09:16 AM

RE: I.D. PLEASE - Fun Factor...Exact model?
Another curious issue:

When i close the receiver box completely, the radio loses signal.

The antenna is not buched at all, and the reciever is towards the back of the box, ehile the batteries are toward the front.

Since i will definitely be picking up more vehicles in the future, should i invest in a 2.4 GHz control and reciever, or wait until i buy another vehicle (looking at the LOSI 810), and just use that remote and pick up a receiver only?

rolland 09-27-2011 08:16 PM

RE: I.D. PLEASE - Fun Factor...Exact model?
Yes it is 4 wheel drive you can down load the manual from http://www.cenracing.com/download.html .NX Series / Fun Factor is the one you want. As for the radio it is personal preferance. I would recomend upgrading it especialy if you are going to get into the hobby even further. Factory radios are rather bare bones and lack alot of features.

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