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wolfie1 07-27-2020 08:14 AM

It was a gst 7.7
So i wore out the original piston and liner in the 7.7 engine, got a replacement and couldnt get the old liner out, so bought a replacement engine, now the original engine took a lot of work to get it to seal, finally got it by modifying an lrp30 carb, so anyway replacement engine no matter what i tried i could not get it to seal, left it on a shelf for years and have had a lot of free time lately due to an operation and thought im going to get this going again, tried resealing everything again and had to get my neighbours son to pull start it as its just too painful to pull it over, i just got sick of that damn engine, so thought sack it im fitting a force 5.9 i have this exact engine in 2 other models with very good results so went for it, bought the relative bits for the gsr to fit this engine into my gst and the fastrax rotostart like i have in other models and away i went, only 2 stumbling blocks i had was the 1 the gsr engine mount didnt sit high enough that the gear on the clutch bell would clear the rear brake set up (gsr doesnt have a diff lock so no rear brakes) so anyway made up a couple of 2mm spacers and that was that sorted, second issue was finding a manifold that cleared the roto start and the rear shock, i thought i had it sorted with a curved manifold as i test fitted some of my other models, so went and bought a new hong nor exhaust but found the manifold was just a tad bigger in its curve, so swapped it over with 1 that did fit, so far so good, got 4 tanks through it without any real disasters, except braking the pins off a driveshaft, so just pressed out the old pin and pressed in a new 1 though didnt take any pics of this, so some pics

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