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poor judgement 08-14-2006 02:26 PM

RE: Junk Room Desk - Current State... Pics now...
Figure Id best keep updating to avoid any hijack issues - all RCU memberships should be carried in a clear plastic bag please guys...

Steel 47/44 spurs turned up with a 14/17 steel Cen bell. Spurs are not as light as Id like, but feel lighter than the Genesis setup, but not much.

Waiting on an email back for the ebay fun - its a Schumacher Swift, Ive been offered it for a good price, so long as he didnt relist it while I was at work today, jobs a good un... Hoping to use the relevant parts for the shaft conversion, check out the shocks etc. If the MT and the .30 destroy themselves, at least I got a cheap buggy. Equally if it does work out ok, then I can part it out and recoup most, if not all my money. Cant lose... :eek: Buggy is complete btw, minus radio gear but it is brand new. :D

Ill take the spurs and bell to work tomorrow and do a hardness test on them, see how they compare to the other bits I tested out.

Savage header is on its way also. I might have put a bid on an alloy pipe too... not sure, will check... damn beer...

rolland 08-17-2006 11:31 PM

RE: Junk Room Desk - Current State... Pics now...
I am using Swift shocks on my MT2. If you do the shaft mod you will need to limit the down travel on the suspension or it will bind on the larger diff cups.

By the time you scavenge all of the cool parts off of it, it might not be worth selling. You might want to try running it first before you part it out. I don't know if you have ever driven an 1/8 scale buggy but you should try it out while it is still in one piece.

What were the results of the hardness tests?


poor judgement 08-18-2006 10:06 AM

RE: Junk Room Desk - Current State... Pics now...
Its my intention to run the .30 in on the buggy, and see how I like it before butchering it. Going by the way the FF drives with 1/8 buggy wheels, this could well be the car for me. Or it would be if the ebay seller would send me the photos he has promised. Nevermind, Im looking at a lightly used Ofna Ultra PBS instead, hopefully most relevant parts are generic... fingers crossed!

No hardness meter at work! Ive been through the vans, checked all round the workshop, stores, offices, and I cant find it anywhere. The mechanical one that we have isnt working right either, so its on hold til someone gives the working meter back Im afraid. Most annoying - I wanted this up and running with minimal casualties... It is starting to look pretty though with these new bits and whatnot, Ill bung some more pics up when I get them bolted on.

poor judgement 08-21-2006 12:49 PM

RE: Junk Room Desk - Current State... Pics now...
1 Attachment(s)
Will have the hardness meter tomorrow...

Couple of pics of what fiddling Ive done. Gone for some bracing on the chassis and following on from the top plate to the brake seat. Took me the whole of a half hour. Its only thin 10x10 aluminium angle, but hoping for the "strength in form" thing to work. That and a bit of 8mm round alloy bar across the shock towers should do it.

Getting a bit frustrated with the header tho. I simply wanted a straight, .21+ sized header. Just 1.25" long will do - but no, they all bend off one way or another, yes, Ive looked at hundreds of em. You can see what I mean in one of the pics that shows where the savage header needs to go to meet up with a shortish OS pipe thats on its way. Pipe will be mounted "backwards", obviously, but it gives a much shorter header length than my last Heath Robinson effort.

Oh - the Ofna tank that digout used on his truck - I cant find it anywhere online. The part number is 17067 and is listed as an Ofna 90cc fuel tank. Its that long skinny one, maybe from the Pirate(?), was called a "Racing Tank" by digout if that helps... Any help is much appreciated on this one, pretty please.

dustin7837 08-21-2006 01:36 PM

RE: Junk Room Desk - Current State... Pics now...
he fooled you... It's 75cc


poor judgement 08-21-2006 02:30 PM

RE: Junk Room Desk - Current State... Pics now...
Cheers, just been rummaging the net - man, how pants is Google? Rubbish it is.

Anyway, thats the fella alright Dustin - Ofna 17067 or HoBao HT067. I just ordered one from evolutionhobbies.co.uk or something... only place I could find with them in stock.

Just the header to sort then... looks like Im gonna have to cut the flange off my .28s header and stick that to a bit of pipe.

dustin7837 08-21-2006 05:25 PM

RE: Junk Room Desk - Current State... Pics now...

ORIGINAL: poor judgement

Cheers, just been rummaging the net - man, how pants is Google? Rubbish it is.

I remember trying to find it before because I was going to get one. Then I found out it was only 75cc, so I never did get one.

digout 08-21-2006 07:36 PM

RE: Junk Room Desk - Current State... Pics now...
1 Attachment(s)
The ofna pirate 10 tank is 90cc that came with a hyper 21 engine. The older style one for the small blocks were 75cc and is shown in the dustin attachment. Ofna sometimes upgrades but kepts the old part numbers. I have included a pic of my latest Cen Magnum truck with a big block mod (.21 Vertec). The original battery box was reconfigured for slide linkage clearance and an Ofna Monster Pirate tank was installed. Check out the new Red Cat wheels and tires. 1/8 scale tires on 12mm hub wheels that are lightweight and inexpensive comparatively.

dustin7837 08-22-2006 12:50 AM

RE: Junk Room Desk - Current State... Pics now...

Could you please let me know what it is you did to get your battery box like that?

I struggled with figureing out the slide linkage for a long time and ended up with a little cramped tmaxx reciever box and a rear mount batt box...

poor judgement 08-22-2006 12:00 PM

RE: Junk Room Desk - Current State... Pics now...
Looks like a cut n shut job on the battery box.

Thats a point... battery box? Pah! Have zip ties, will use em!

Nice looking truck digout, good to see you didnt hang about with that Magnum. How are you getting along with the driveshafts? I presume you have done the diff cup mod too?

poor judgement 08-22-2006 12:41 PM

RE: Junk Room Desk - Current State... Pics now...
annnnnnd.... I completely forgot.

Took a few bits for comparison.

Hardness readings:

New Funfactor 47T steel spur - 380HB
New Funfactor 44T steel gear - 320HB
Genesis spur 39T - 600HB
Ofna centre diff spur 46T - 500HB
Funfactor heavy duty diff gear 1 - 580HB
Funfactor stock 13T diff gear - 400HB

Here are the readings pasted in from the last time I took some bits in.

Cen Genesis Spur Gear (43t) - 540
Cen FF Heavy Duty Diff Gear (43t) - 600
Cen Genesis Pinion (21t) - 340
Cen FF CVD (Outer part) - 520

Ofna Ultra 2 speed Pinion (15t) - 500
Ofna Hyper 10 Pinion (15t) - 400

Stock Tmaxx CVD (outer steel part - not the plastic part!) - 400

So, if I can get the one way bearing out (and back in again) I will try to get the Funfactor spurs treated so they are as hard as the Genesis spurs, and run them on the HPI 11/14 bells which are yet to arrive.

And yes I know it looks like a load of nonsense and overkill, but if you had spent as much as me on spurs and pinions... jesus, it doesnt bare thinking about.

digout 08-22-2006 09:11 PM

RE: Junk Room Desk - Current State... Pics now...
1 Attachment(s)
The battery box was made by just cutting off the top as shown and gluing in a piece of flat plastic the same size of the cutout. Dill new holes for the switch. Yes, it could have been done by a cut/fold/shut work with a little extra skill. An alternate way to allow space for a slide carb linkage is to use the pirate 10 receiver/battery box. Also attached is a comparison picture of the two ofna pirate (75 vs 90cc) tanks. I have not done the diff cup mod yet since they have never broken. When they finally do break, i will use the SS thin tubing for the fix. Hopefully the new Magnum designs are as strong as Cen claims.

rolland 08-22-2006 11:10 PM

RE: Junk Room Desk - Current State... Pics now...
I would have thought that they would have been around the same hardness as the Genesis spurs. That is a disappointment.

What method of hardening are you going to use?

Please keep us informed of the results.


poor judgement 08-23-2006 05:26 AM

RE: Junk Room Desk - Current State... Pics now...
Bummer eh Rolland?

I will speak to our mechanical testing guy re the hardening, but I expect he will just say to quench them. Same goes for the hpi pinions when they arrive - Im aiming for 5-600 for both the pinions and the spurs - maybe a little softer on the pinions.

Nice pics Digout. Man, I hope theyve sent me the later tank...

rolland 08-24-2006 06:51 PM

RE: Junk Room Desk - Current State... Pics now...
I had figured that if they spent the time to CNC machine them that they would have been alot harder than they are. But since they only sell alloy pinions and really soft steel pinions I suppose that they didn't feel the need.

You will want the pinions a little softer than the spurs. One of the two are going to wear and it is cheaper and easier to replace a clutch bell.

Let us know what the testing guy says, I have access to quenching and surface hardening materials and supplies. So either or both is a possibility.

This is the fuel tank that I am using and it is just a little bit longer than stock.


poor judgement 08-25-2006 09:06 AM

RE: Junk Room Desk - Current State... Pics now...
Aye, we are on the same wavelength re the pinion hardness mate.

As for the quenching... I wanted the 1 way bearing out of the 1st gear spur before getting the oxy-acetylene torch on it, but the bearing wont budge. The outer casing started to deform, so I gave up on that. The mechanical testing guy is a right miserable old soul, cant be bothered with a silly toy cars gears... so Ive pretty much given up with him too.

What do you reckon about the one way? Can it take the heat (5-600 degrees C Ive been told)... I have serious reservations about that myself. Its a little stiff already from the case deformation...

Forgot - Ill use the Cen 14/17 steel pinions for now, I cant see them harming the spurs. Im just sick of the truck taking up room all over my desk... oh and this .30 really does need striking up!

Ofna fuel tank arrived - it fits great and is big enough to run a single tank setup too. Pics will come no doubt.

Im away for this bank holiday weekend - Someone has to go to these big music festivals (raves) I suppose. Dont expect much sense out of me for a good few days after I get back...

rolland 08-25-2006 07:14 PM

RE: Junk Room Desk - Current State... Pics now...
I seriously doubt the one way can take that kind of heat. It might be an idea to leave the one way in there when you do the quench to help prevent deforming and then replace it when you are done. You might have to dremel the one way out to prevent damaging the spurs though.

Have fun at the festival.


poor judgement 08-30-2006 01:15 PM

RE: Junk Room Desk - Current State... Pics now...
1 Attachment(s)
Cheers - it was Creamfields that I went to (if anyones vaguely interested/stalking me) had a great time. Had a couple of "eye opening moments" too.

Some bits have turned up here and Ive actually screwed some bits together... amazing. Its taking shape though, still trying other bits/setups as well. Havent got around to the swift shafts as of yet, money has been going elsewhere Im afraid. Got to secure the pipe to the header somehow, Im pleased that it all fits and seals up well, good tyre clearance when steering etc, looks ideal to me, if it will stay put. Ive used an engine to header rubber gasket on the end on the pipe, it seals well and grips the rebate in the pipe perfectly too.

Scouser 09-03-2006 09:02 AM

RE: Junk Room Desk - Current State... Pics now...
Creamfields, ohmate, you should have called in to our place, we are just down the road!! That truck is looking FINE. Love the new Savage manifold, very neat.

poor judgement 09-03-2006 11:07 AM

RE: Junk Room Desk - Current State... Pics now...
Bloody hell - hello mate, where you been hiding?

Aye Creamfields - what a scally n manc fest that was. People jumping the fence, knives, slashings, stabbings, robbings, beatings - all the usual. Saw some fella who was laid out, bright purple with foamy spew all over him - looked very dead, with paramedics just looking at him. Thankfully that was all I saw of it... frankly my vision wasnt exactly 10/10... lol[sm=what_smile.gif]

What you been up to, hows the truck etc?

rolland 09-03-2006 03:02 PM

RE: Junk Room Desk - Current State... Pics now...
The truck is looking good but you might need to add some weight to the fuel tank side to help balance the truck out a little bit.

Sorry to here about you experience with Custom RC Cars. You might want to try CEN's site and see if it works a little better for you.


Scouser 09-03-2006 03:41 PM

RE: Junk Room Desk - Current State... Pics now...
Yeah, I've not been round much recently. Someone thought it would be a good idea to make me a section leader on truggyracers forum!! Been spending most of my time over there and working on the GSs'. Still love the FF though, running pretty much stock drivetrain still with the steel diff gears etc. JT chassis is still unscratched due to running on grass!! NT.16 is still pulling strong and I have a spare engine and some new shiny inner bits for it when it decides to call it quits. Mine is probably the last one around here still running a small block!
Sorry to hear about the troubles at Cream fields. I remember it used to be at the old Speke airport site, now THAT was rough. I trust you still had a grin though.;)

poor judgement 09-03-2006 04:38 PM

RE: Junk Room Desk - Current State... Pics now...
Rolland - aye, it takes a bit of preloading on the engine side to get it level, I just could do with a slightly wider chassis to arrange it all a little better... ahem...

Scouser - No scratches and still on the stock engine? You must be doing something wrong (or did someone nick your wheels?:) ) Good to hear someones being gentle with there poor little truck.
I went to Creamfields in 2000 & 01 at the airfield - saw a lot of trouble, yea, put me off the place. Trouble is, this year it was the only one nighter with sasha, so it had to be done, but there was bugger all security or old bill. Good times were certainly had by our little party though :D.

mulletman 09-03-2006 06:10 PM

RE: Junk Room Desk - Current State... Pics now...
1 Attachment(s)
Scouser- Man my mt2 dreams about runing on grass!(to bad it never dose) I run it on rock gravel and sand thats it.(sorry about the bad picture quality did it fast)

Scouser 09-05-2006 06:06 AM

RE: Junk Room Desk - Current State... Pics now...
Mulletman, that looks like my old chassis!! I ran that thing everywhere but the JT is a bit of a collectors item now so I am taking a bit more care over that one. It has had a trip to the beach though, just had a very good clean down afterwards. I think my next project will be a 2wd beach basher based on the old chassis and using the spare engine and New Era roll cage. I let you all know as/when it gets going. Anyone planning on getting the new Matrix truggy?

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