TOKI 40 engine is a POS.

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Default TOKI 40 engine is a POS.


Stay away from that POS TOKI 40!

My three months old engine lasted approximately three gallons of 30% Magnum Fuel. The compression was very low, and after sending it and its carburetor to Heli-World for repair, and all they did to diagnose the problem was ran it. They lost the carburetor and said that they cannot troubleshoot the engine without its original carburetor. All they have to do is take a new TOKI (Tiger Out Kitten IN) and turn it by hand and campare the compression between the two.

Just for comparison, the compression on my OS 32 engine was more than the Kitten.

Do not buy it yet, wait until they fix all the problems.
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Default RE: TOKI 40 engine is a POS.

I think after such accusations that everyone should get the story also from the "other side"

You will find it in the Century forum on the Run Ryder site.

It seems some pertenant facts are missing fro the complaint above.

Federal1998 - how much experience do you have with HELICOPTER engines?

P.S. one of the fellows at our field has over 10 gallons through his and it is still pulling strong.

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Default RE: TOKI 40 engine is a POS.

My Toki just completed a shortened 196th flight when I split S-ed out of a reverse cuban eight and the ground was approximately 2 feet higher then I remembered it being. [&o] When I find myself in situations like this and waiting for parts, I use the spare time to go over everything and moniter things like the engine for wear. Upon inspection with the back cover off I found what I would term I mid life connecting rod. My subjective definition is that when you roll the crank back and forth you can see the oil squish on the crank journal. Its obviously not as tight as it once was.
Now back to your situation. I don't know how you can blanket say these engines are a POS. I don't know how many posts I"ve read over the last three years of OS's spitting out rear bearings faster then you can say "hover". I would say from my experience though that there is nothing else on the market that builds this much power, smoothly I might add, for anywhere near the money. I got mine in combo with the mechanics for $299 on my Hawk Pro and I feel its good value. When winter kills my flying I'm putting in a new rod and wristpin and I'm going to be out a whole $20. Sorry for your bad luck in dealing with Century on this matter. I've had my share of hair pulling moments with them also, but I don't honestly think these engines are a "bad deal" for the dollar spent. Maybe some other users can pass along their durability impressions also. I think when your approaching 200 flights like I am using 30% wildcat, thats a hell of a lot of flying and having fun for cheap! Replace it and go have fun. Lifes too short to smoke a fuse over a $100 engine.
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Default RE: TOKI 40 engine is a POS.

I agree absolutely, you cannot condem an engine on one bad experience! 99% of the time there is a good reason for an engine breaking anyway. Normally a foreign body, oil shortage, overheating and sometimes just a sub standard component!
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Default RE: TOKI 40 engine is a POS.

i have a toki 40 on my sceadu 30 evo and even with the hirobo muffler (now that is a POS! i just ordered the toki tuned pipe) it pulls so nicly! it always starts and once you get the needles set right you don't have to fuss with them at all. (i've had over 30 flights on mine).
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Default RE: TOKI 40 engine is a POS.

TOKI is a POS, period. Century was ok to deal with, after they hired Ron. And i will bash who ever deserves to be bashed. my experience with the toki is too long to type out. the quality of toki is terrible. save your self lots of headaches and buy a OS.
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Default RE: TOKI 40 engine is a POS.

I have to agree the experiences with tokis here have been far from good. OS makes a much better engine for the money. When you do get a toki that is worth anything it does pull good have good power but over all I wont give toki house room.

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