Kinetic 50 compatibility

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Default Kinetic 50 compatibility

Hello all,
Ihave a Helimax kinetic 50 that I am REALLY enjoying. Just started forward flight and Iam having a blast. Ihave read various comments about this heli not being very good but for the money Ithink it is a great heli to at least learn on. Anyway last night I was cleaning it and Inoticed just the slightest amount of slop in washout arm link that connects to the ball on the swash plate. I figured that is just part of having plastic parts instead of metal. Then I was wondering what kind of metal upgrades Icould get for this bird. It doesn't appear that helimax makes very many upgrades. But Idid see a post on the kinetic being a pretty close match to the century hawk. So my question is, Does anyone have experience with these parts interchanging? Can Iput the metal washout arms on my heli? or maybe even the whole metal head? (when my wallet is up for it). All tips ,tricks and suggestions are welcome. Please No Kinetic 50 bashers. This heli for me was well worth the price to start off with.THANKS!!

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Default RE: Kinetic 50 compatibility

I agree, the Kinetic 50 is a great trainer 50...and can even get into some pretty good 3D. It is a good match for many of the Hawk items because it is made by Century for Helimax. It is basically a 50 sized Hawk Pro.

As for the slight play you now have in your washout...I would bet it is less then inmany other 50's when they are brand new. So unless you are into extreme precise 3D in close and low,You will find that eliminationg it will not make much difference.

There are manyupgrades that you can move to that may be more relevant. You did not specify the radio equipment you are using. I find spending money hereyields bigger dividents. (e.g. better servos orgyro or adding a governor or better blades).

But if you want toblingit,any bling that will fit the Hawk Pro will work on your Kinetic.

But if youare looking to do that, I would say you would be better served by selling your Kinetic to another fellow that wants a great trainer, and applying that money to thetop Century 50 now - their newly released NX50. This heli is not a 50 sized Hawk Pro, but more of a downsized version of their 90 sized Predator. Thedifference in what you would get for your K-50 andthe $300.00 cost of the NX50 will yield all the U/G's onewould probably look toput on a heli.

1 - CNC main rotor head block that also clamps the mainshaft at its' base.
2 - a heavy duty lybar control yoke
3 - a full metal CNC swashplate
4 - a better clutch bell
5- a G-10 mainframe
6- eCCPM control system
7- a great tail rotor system (the best I have ever seen)
8- G-10 3D fins
9- A super looking canopy
10 - a constant tail drive systems for aerobatic autos
11 - a CNC anti rotation guide

All for less money difference then what it would cost tojust add a few of these to your K-50
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Default RE: Kinetic 50 compatibility

Yep, I agree with rotordoc - fly it and learn all you can from it, then go for the new NX50. The smoothest and most precise flying 50 I have ever flown.

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