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SteveP2 01-06-2003 05:02 PM

Small Item Missing = BIG Century Let Down!
Having waited over a week for my Century Hak IV ARF package - it arrived today.

There was much more besides the heli kit in the large box, as I'm a complete novice and needed to buy everything , including, radio, engine, starter, batteries, traing pods, and a sim! Plus books and loads more. So, having made sure the dealer had sent me the FULL works - you can imagine that I felt ready to begin my new hobby, with eager anticipation.

Well, I'm still here, six hours later, waiting to start! Why? Because depsite the huge box of goodies I got in the mail, there was one tiny (but hugely important) bit missing.


Can you believe it - Century didn't bother to pack any threadlock (or other adhesives mentioned in the instructions!) This is not an item I can buy easily locally - as I found out having spent most of the afternoon driving around trying to find some - so I have had to send away for some mail order! I am now looking forward to another 3 days waiting to start!

I telephone 'customer support' (interesting choice of name) at Century (and that was expensive from Ireland) to find a man who was not in the least bit concerned about my problem. 'Oh, we don't put it in the kits - if we did it would put the price up - it's not our problem, you have to find it yourself'. was all he had to say!

Well, it's not my idea of customer support!

Come on Century - this is not my idea of customer satisfaction! Get a grip! (My threads can't do that, yet!)

Steve P.

Furyflyer2 01-06-2003 05:19 PM

Small Item Missing = BIG Century Let Down!
I think , I would get upset if I was missing part but not over thread lock.You can get thread lock at any automotive store even home depot has it.

SteveP2 01-06-2003 05:27 PM

Small Item Missing = BIG Century Let Down!
Possibly where you are, threadlock is easy to find Paul. I'm on the West of Ireland and it will be half a day in the car to get some, trust me.

My point is that it was such a small thing. Maybe I could understand a part missing, but missing something so small and hard to get here was really annoying.

See my edited original mailing for what Century said about it - they agree with you, I think, Paul. :rolleyes:

Steve P.

P.S. What's 'Home Depot'? Not everything you have we have (as I said to Century :) )

CyberPilot 01-06-2003 05:52 PM

Sorry to hear about your situation and I understand it can be very frustrating but thred lock is typically not included in any kit that I've seen.

I'm sure you must be very excited to get going, I know I always am when I get a new toy to play with. I would suggest that you read through the instructions because there may be other items you'll need and I'd hate to see anyone get more discouraged. This hobby should be fun.

Here's some of what you might need:

Hobby grease
JB weld
Both RED & BLUE thred lock
Misc. tools - Ball link pliers, blade balancer, drill, exacto knife, wrenches, sockets, allen keys...

FYI, I found thread lock at automotive supply stores, hardware stores & home improvement stores:

In California (sorry don't know the Ireland stores)

Pep Boys Auto
ACE Hardware
Home Depot

Good luck and have fun,

Furyflyer2 01-06-2003 05:59 PM

Small Item Missing = BIG Century Let Down!
You could use finger nail polish in place of thread lock. I bet it's a beautiful drive though.

SteveP2 01-06-2003 06:03 PM

Finger Nail Polish!

Originally posted by Furyflyer2
You could use finger nail polish in place of thread lock.
Thank you Paul and C.P.

BTW, should I use red fingernail polish or blue :confused:

On a serious note, as far as I can see, threadlock is not even marketed under that name in Ireland. We have 'lock and seal' by Locktite, but I'm not sure if it's in 2 types. Also JB Weld is another market brand that is not found easily here. If anyone knows the alternatives, I'd be gratful.

Steve P.

SteveP2 01-06-2003 06:06 PM

Driving is OK but I'd rather be flying!

Originally posted by Furyflyer2
I bet it's a beautiful drive though.
You bet right!

But it's flying I have in mind at the moment :disappoin


CyberPilot 01-06-2003 06:13 PM

Locktite is the brand of thread lock we have here as well.

The blue is medium strength and is used most of the time.
The red is extra strength and should be used where indicated in the manual.
They also make a hi temp version that is recommended for the muffler bolts.

JB Weld is also a brand name. It's like an epoxy but used for metal parts. Read the Hawk manual. If your heli is an ARF you may not need it; I'm not sure.


SteveP2 01-06-2003 08:10 PM

Small Item Missing = BIG Century Let Down!
Thanks C.P.

Yes, JB Weld is required for the Hawk ARF, but it's not readily available here. I have found Araldite Rapid (an expoxy resin which can be used for metal) I assume that's OK?

Can super-glue replace the extra strength thread lock? And, was Paul joking about the nail polish (for the blue thread lock), assuming I can't find either Thread lock anywhere?


Steve P.

CyberPilot 01-06-2003 08:42 PM

Rather than give you bad advice I have to admit that I just don't know the answers to your questions.


Galifrey 01-06-2003 11:29 PM

Small Item Missing = BIG Century Let Down!
Dont use superglue, Nail Polish is okay, Loctite lock and seal is better...

Araldite will be okay, preferably not rapid, but use what you can get...

Devcon or JB Weld is a smidge better...

Lift 01-07-2003 04:50 AM

Small Item Missing = BIG Century Let Down!
The only helicopter company that provided a thread locking compound in my kit was Minature Aircraft. After paying $670 bucks(US) for just a heli kit you would expect it to be there. But, when I built my $1,100 Vigor CS guess what? NONE!!!

My point is that when you buy a $200 heli you cannot expect them to include everything and the kitchen sink. If you are looking to blame someone you should talk to the people that sold you the kit. You said you wanted everything necessary when you placed the order and it was you LHS that is responisble to help you order it all.

I think to go online and moan about Century's "poor service" is to throw stones at the wrong guy. If anything you shouldn't be throwing any stones. This hobby is complex and it is VERY easy to mis-order or forget something necessary for the build.

I don't mean to sound condescending here but just want to be a voice of reason. If you need help getting some of the stuff to assemble your kit send me a PM and I will round it up and mail it to you if you will PayPal me the $ +3% to offset their silly fee they charge for the service. I can ship it to you as fast as you wish. The catch is that you have to pickup the whole tab! I would like to see you get after this build as fast as possible because I can tell that you are pumped and let down about this delay. Trust me, I have been there!

Otherwise hang in there and it will all work out. You made a great choice in the Hawk and are in for a real treat when you get it flying and dialed in!!!! ;)

ThBrtmn 01-07-2003 05:10 AM

To answer your question... Home Depot is a Home Improvement store
GUY=Lots of fun...
All kinds of stuff you can think of.
About the half a day drive... 1 day beats three... call the boss tomorrow with a little cough and a sniffel and go get your lock tite man...
Have fun and good luck...
I'm in the same boat only thing different is... you have your heli and mine is on backorder :mad:
just my luck
Take Care

Lift 01-07-2003 05:55 AM

Small Item Missing = BIG Century Let Down!
My LHS has a Hawk IV kit on the shelf. All you would have to do to is get the new canopy and you would have a Hawk Sport with the Speed Torpedo muffler! That's an better setup than the Sport kit comes with.

The kit is $199.99. Send me a PM if you want contact info.

SteveP2 01-07-2003 10:56 AM

Small Item Missing = BIG Century Let Down!

Originally posted by Lift
If you are looking to blame someone you should talk to the people that sold you the kit. You said you wanted everything necessary when you placed the order and it was you LHS that is responisble to help you order it all.

Point taken Payton. Actually, I wasn't really trying to blame someone, just saying how frustrating it was to find that such a small item held me back.

BTW, I had already e-mailed the LHS (he was closed Monday, and I had phoned him before calling Century, but got no answer). I got a very brief (1 line) e-mail from him today, saying he was pleased that my good arrived undamaged! I had written him a ful page about my annoyance, but he ignored it :eek:

Yesterday, I found another LHS (I'm still learning where these guys are, obviously) and ordered a Sim (Aerofly Pro). I had also mentioned my problem to him and, It came this morning - with a free sachet of thread lock!

So, I know where I'll be shopping from now on - well done Liam of 'Model Heli Services, Ennis'. :)

Steve P.

Culverson 01-07-2003 02:13 PM

Small Item Missing = BIG Century Let Down!
Threadlock is something not really put in a kit, but more of an item needed to complete items. Even though it would be possible to put in extra items like this in a small tube it would probaly go bad later on in such a small quanity.

There will be so many places you will need lock-tite later on it is a good idea to buy a tube of the blue has great holding properties and can easily be loosened and retightened-or the red type which can be considered semi-permanent. I know in your area you might not have easy access to Lock-Tite, but there should be able to find this as local automotive stores-parts locations for motorcycles or car industry-department stores or even most hardware stores about.. ;)

I think if you wrote Century they take feedback seriously as many other manufacturers..

ThBrtmn 01-07-2003 08:48 PM

Lock Tite (threadlock) Question
I was reading Ray's Helli Manual and it states that Locktite/Threadlock eats plastic and to use CA on instead on plastic part where screwing is needed. Is this true?

syclic 01-09-2003 02:19 AM

Steve P

I agree wholeheartedly with Payton. It is clearly written in the beginning of the manual that one will need threadlock to complete the kit, so the LHS should have added it to the original purchase. I am sure threadlock is available in almost any hardware store in Ireland (I have visited Ireland and it is a country that is advanced enough to have such stores with such items :) )

Once you get it all set up and flying I am sure it will be all worthwhile. I do hope that you take the time to have an experienced fella look it over and do the first trim flights. I recommend this to any newbie with any heli.


Ray is correct. Threadlock is a NO-NO on plastic. Do not use it on anything that threads directly into plastic - including locknuts (it is the plastic in the locknut that does the locking). Only use it where a metal bolt or screw threads into a metal nut.

Using threadlock when screwing into plastic will have the opposite effect from what is desired or intended. Instead of making the attachment more secure it will make it less secure because it will eat away at the plastic threading and the bolt or screw will loosen off forthwith......or is that fifthwith. :)

SteveP2 01-09-2003 02:51 AM

Nearly There
Thanks to all who have made suggestions to this thread (lock) and other threads, to get me up and flying, so far. Yes, I did find thread lock in Irleand, eventually, just not locally - the LHS (h for hardware, this time) owner says it's not much called for. I told him I've ordered 12 more ARF's, so now there IS a demand!

More seriously...I telephoned to complain to the LHS (h for hobby this time) store who sold me the Hawk, radio (Eclipse) and all the other 1300 Euro worth of gear and mentioned not only the thread lock, but that I wasn't even asked what radio I wanted (it turns out that my local club all fly Futaba and JR, so buddy boxing is a problem), and a poor quality do-it yourself wooden field box (I'd asked for plastic or metal) and loads of other stuff that they are now too busy to explain to me.

The female member of the husband and wife team who run it told me that:
a) I should have asked for the radio I wanted, b) I should have known to buy thread lock myself, c) if I was not capable of putting the wooden box together (it's low precision Chinese made and really does need a full capentry set up) then what did I think I was doing buying a model helicopter!

It was me who should have known what I was doing and told them what I wanted! So much for new customers - and giving advice. All her customers (at Model Mania, Co. Antrim) must be experts when they walk in the door.

I've since found Liam at Ennis model helicopter services in Co. Clare, not far away from me, who has been incredibly helpful on the phone, and I've spent less than one-tenth of the amount I spent at Model Mania with him, so far. He'll be doing the final set up checks and the trim flights (for a very reasonable fee), soon I hope.

Just finished the main mechanical building - push rods tomorrow!

Steve P.

Lift 01-10-2003 03:18 AM

Small Item Missing = BIG Century Let Down!
Keep pushing! Sounds like your about to break thru over the heli demons that refuse to let you get started.

For the record most 90%+ of the RC Hobby shops around the world have no clue when it comes to RC helicopters. That is true here in the US bigtime. One of the main reasons that the Raptor is more popular in the US is because it is distributed by ACE Distributing who carries the full Thunder Tiger line including boats, cars, planes and helis. If you are a hobby shop might as well carry one of each. So, most hobby shops that carry TT will have a Raptor on the shelf. But, it's VERY difficult to be knowledgeable on all aspects of each type of RC product and because helis are more involved very few shops take the time to specialize in them.

That is why these online heli communities are so successful. You can talk to a guy like me in Houston, TX USA and get help despite the fact that you are in Ireland. Our only obstacle is the written word.

So continue in what you have learned and hang in there. We all had some obstacle or another to getting started and the ones that stick it out are the ones that become lifetime heli pilots.

SteveP2 01-10-2003 10:21 AM

Nearly, nearly there!

Originally posted by Lift
Our only obstacle is the written word.

You're too modest, Payton! No such problems there, for you.

I got the mechanical build finished last night and took the Hawk to Liam, in Ennis. This man is a a truely knowledgable dealer (with a string of competition wins on a wide range of heli's, to his name). He did, incidentally, tell me that the Raptor was the way to go for my next 'bird'.

However, he had a beautiful JR 'something' (I forget it's name) on the bench, that comes virtually finished - and it really caught my eye. A much bigger '30' than the Hawk, more solid looking, too. Ouch...just felt the bug bite!

So, Liam is setting up the servo's and doing the final checks and I might see it fly (probably not with me at the controls) next week end. It's reassuring to see that I found a knowledgeable and helpful dealer not too far away in Ireland - and I'll be joining the club, too, for good measure :) .

Steve P.

Lift 01-10-2003 03:22 PM

Small Item Missing = BIG Century Let Down!

He did, incidentally, tell me that the Raptor was the way to go for my next 'bird'.
I respectfully disagree. Remember that the Hawk IV/Sport is a bare bones 30. It is solid airframe with alot more potential than the Raptor. Now if you compare a Hawk IV to a Raptor the Hawk IV is a better value due to pricing. Feature wise they are equivalent. So, you are probably wondering why he recommends a Raptor right?
Well, this subject can turn into a real brawl on these message boards due to brand loyalty and most times ignorance. But, the Raptor is a very agile flying helicopter when assembled out of the box. It runs very aggressive cyclic ratios that are tamed down via the use of heavy thick airfoil paddles. It is designed to be stable enough for the beginner but still provide a quick "zippy" feel when doing aerobatics and 3D. Because it is quicker most pilots feel safer doing tumbles and flips with it because if they get in trouble they can bail out fast. At the same time a fast manuever covers alot of blemishes a pilot has DURING the manuever. Generally speaking the Raptor FEELS easier when learning 3D and that has won alot of pilots favor. The same can be said for the Sceadu.

Now, your Hawk comes nice and stable with a more conservative feel on the cyclics. This is not a fluke! It was designed by Century that way because beginners and scalers prefer stablily. As your experience grows and you burn more and more fuel you will understand why the Hawk is a better quality machine. They hold up MUCH better and stay tight. The Raptor gets sloppy fairly quickly so you end up buying CNC this and CNC that. By the time your done you have spent more on your 30 than a good 60 size ship.

As you grow and start doing new manuevers you will want to liven up the controls. This is where the Century head shines. The Bell/Hiller mixing ratios are FULLY adjustable. This is not so on the Raptor. By simply changing the paddles or balls on the swashplate, Bell mixers, and flybar cradle you can get the Hawk to flip/tumble/roll as fast as you want! Now you got a whole new platform for developing the next stage of your flight skills. In addition you can add alot of killer upgrades like:
CF Torque Tube Drive
CNC Head Block
CNC Metal Swashplate
Driven Tail
Metal Frames
Triple Bearing tail grips

You get the picture. Basically you can make this thing a mini 60 size featured ship. During all this you will be flying while many Raptor owners start chasing clutch problems, blade flutter(woof), autorotation chatter(wah wahs), and the like. No, the Hawk is not perfect. It has it's own set of problems. But, I find it's problems to minor compared to what the Raptor has demonstrated over the last 3 1/2 yrs.

THIS is not my opinion but rather fact. If you doubt me just spend a few minutes searching the old posts on here and at runryder. There are ALOT of Raptor problem related threads. Yes, there are alot of Raptors out there but the ratio of issues/non-issues is quite high.

bdtsr 01-28-2003 03:45 PM

Small Item Missing = BIG Century Let Down!
This may be a little too late but, Marine Tex is an excellent replacement for JB Weld. Takes about 24hrs to fully cure and maybe available over seas. Try contacting a marine parts place or boat dealer. I have used this to repair "Freeze Cracks" in the exterior water jacket on exhaust manifolds (boat). Works great for all knids of things. Good luck!

SteveP2 01-28-2003 04:21 PM

Small Item Missing = BIG Century Let Down!
Thanks for the tip, bdtsr.

I did get a slow expoxy, and a rapid one made by Araldite. I'm using niether one, as the final build was done by my LHS. My brand new aluminium field box is full of an array of tools and glues etc that I may never use - well not soon, anyway!

I did get a copy of the huge 'Irivine' catalogue, if anyone is familar with that one? I'm now much more aware of the vast range of spares and materials that I will probably never use - and where to get them (should I turn into a serious modeller). Right now, I hope to become a flier - of sorts.


bdtsr 01-28-2003 05:18 PM

Small Item Missing = BIG Century Let Down!
Steve, never actually met a "Seriuos" modeler! Maybe a bunch of hopeless addicts like myself! What else would you call someone who is outside hovering or atleast attempting to, in 27 deg (F) weather?! Man my hands are cold, and I've been inside for 15 minutes. That field box sound cool, how's the metal on your hands in the cold?

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