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Default Eyes

About a year ago, I had some very serious heart surgery. Since then, my eyesight has suffered tremendously. I need to get new glasses, but I really do not want to go through the farce of somebody holding that goofy looking machine in front of my eyes, changing lenses in the machine and asking me which one looks better. The doctor at that point is relying on my interpretation of what looks better and relaying that info to him. I find that I have not been real accurate over the years of doing that, I get frustrates (and I suspect the examiner does too) and finally just tell him that "yeah, that one looks better". I then end up getting a prescription that does not work well for me. I THINK I have seen a commercial on television where some vision center in Springfield, Mo. has a machine that looks into the eye and determines exactly what correction is required to correct your vision to as good as it is ever going to be. Has anyone ever had an eye exam in which that kind of machine was used or am I simply imagining that it exists?

This pertains to RC flying in that I want to be able to see very great detail at several hundred yards. I am at the point that my vision is so fuzzy that I can't even tell whether a plane is inverted or not at 100 yards. I want to see that plane perfectly at several hundred yards., I have almost quit flying altogether because I can't see the planes well enough to tell what they are really doing. I want it to be better.
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First I'll say sorry for the trouble man.. that doesn't make anything like flying fun ... I must ask though, If the script doesn't work, curious why you accept the glasses?

I've worn glasses of some sort for at least 15yrs, been going to the eye doc for probably about 10yrs now since my vision has deteriorated a bit... I wear progressives(bifocal without lines).. and it's helped quite a bit. I know in our area the vision center has a 30 day guarantee if there's any probs they'll make them right.. whether it's in the script or frames. I might suggest you try another doc, or vision center and see what they have to offer

You might have to go outside of your area a bit to find someplace, but that just might get you someone that will work with you. I'm wondering also how long you're giving yourself to get used to new lenses?... I know most have an immediate improvement, especially if you've worn them and then get a new script, but if you've not worn glasses much, there might be an adjustment period..maybe.

Another thing is, what kind of upgrades have you gotten with lenses?... anti-glare is a great upgrade I've found, and really cuts out alot of brightness, not only coming in, but reflection from the outside too. I have transitionals (lenses that change tint) that I wear indoors, and through the day for all around use... I have prescription sun-glasses also that I've found are very nice when the sun is bright, the script makes all the diff there... and I got those dark dark as I also ride my motorcycle with them.... also polarized, w/anti-glare.... great filtering... again very nice... so tint and features might also play a part in what's going on with you too... but seriously find an outlet that will guarantee your satisfaction, note again that many will if you stay within their 30 day window..I think they might have that window knowing it might take that long to adjust to new glasses.

I know you'll probably have to go outside of Mountain Home.. probably not far though. I have a brother-in-law that lives in Mountain Home(actually near Midway I believe).. I've only been through there a few times though... but you might need a better resource...maybe. I'm just pretty sure once you find the right doc, and supplier they can help you. Don't give up man!! There is help out there... it's just a matter of a search. Even though each set of eyes is different... there's a set that's very close to yours and mine somewhere out there... and someone's wearing glasses that works for them... You will too I think. Hang in there!

I wish you well... and hope you find some help with it. Post back here if you get some results... I'm curious about the specialty exams you inquired about... That sounds like maybe a true alternative for you. Good luck with it.

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I wish you well,dear
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i like you post

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