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aeromura app for RC pilots - what is going on? >

aeromura app for RC pilots - what is going on?

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aeromura app for RC pilots - what is going on?

Old 09-19-2023, 08:43 PM
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Default aeromura app for RC pilots - what is going on?

Hi folks,

I have recently been receiving feedback from a number of RC pilots on various forums about
the aeromura app for RC pilots, and its purpose.

In response it is perhaps helpful to read the following instead of me replying with the
same thing to each individual :-

Why the "aeromura" app?

The entire reason we developed the app in the first place, is to bring
more transparency and visibility to what we do, as RC pilots.

This is important, because with the advent of so many drones, the authorities
have been left with a "hot potato" in terms of how to manage and regulate it all,
and especially around safety issues when it comes to integrating RC aviation/drones with full-scale

The "danger" to us then, as traditional RC pilots, is that we simply get "lumped together"
with un-desciplined/naieve drone hobbyist pilots, and ultimately get new rules
and laws pushed down on all of us, when we have traditionally been able to self-regulate
quite successfully over decades, as traditional RC pilots.

We are by far out-numbered by drone pilots now...all over the world...by a very big margin - over
10 million hobbyist drones were shipped into the USA alone, last year.

We are in the "minority" now, as traditional RC pilots, and cannot "call the shots"
over them.

The app is a way for the traditional RC pilot world to arm themselves against
authorities pushing down too much (over?) regulation onto us traditional RC pilots - by
means of being open and transparent about what we do...what we fly...when we fly, and
where we fly...otherwise we are fighting a "losing battle", as it were.

We know that RC pilot communities are experiencing challenges at the moment around the world,
as far as new over-handed regulation goes...we think, anyway...the app goes some way to helping that situation.

So yes, it is in fact important, very important, to start some record keeping and "paperwork", by way of
the app...otherwise the shape and form of our much beloved hobby is going to change drastically
in the near-to-medium future! It's unfortunate, but unless we do this...flying RC planes is going
to be a very different ball-game in the future!

The app goes a long way to solving all the trials and tribulations of RC pilot organisations and
clubs around the world.

We are working hard every day, for the past 3 years now, to ensure the app reaches its goals of making RC
pilots lives much easier and "free" (from over-handed regulation, so to speak)...at the cost of a small amount of
"administrative burden".

We don't view it as a "burden", but more of a necessity, unless we would like to see our much beloved hobby
destroyed (in effect), over time.

The more RC pilots that come on-board with the app (over 14000 already worldwide), the more "fire-power"
the app has, against over-handed regulation of all of us traditional RC pilots - because it can and does show
transparency and gives high visibility on what we do as RC pilots, to the authorities (if necessary), and whomever
else may be interested - we have always kept these important parts of the app completely free to use, in the interests
of the RC pilot community at-large, in an effort to protect our much beloved hobby, going forward.

So there is "method in our madness"...hope you can see that?

The app is certainly not "USA centric", or "AMA centric"...it is global, and serves each country...it is in fact
already available in no less than 31 different languages and countries already.

Most clubs around the world are already in the app...there may be a few that we have missed, but pilots
are free to add and maintain the data from within the app itself...(we don't own the data).

I hope this message has gone some way to show you what the app is really about - and I urge as many RC pilots as possible
to start using the app as soon as possible - the more "voice" we have...the more "fire-power" we have, against potential
over-regulation, by the authorities, which is a growing threat to us all, daily.

Have a great and safe flying day!

Kind regards,

My original post on this forum is listed below, for anybody who is interested:

Hi folks,

An update to the aeromura app for RC pilots has just been released - get yours today!

Now you can also see who has checked in to your favorite club recently, eliminating the need for a manual sign-in register at the club, where appropriate.

It's easy, just open the app when you are at the club, and be automatically checked-in, easily, conveniently, and electronically.

As an added bonus, a frequency board has also been added to all clubs, for those clubs that still have pilots on frequencies other than 2.4Ghz, eliminating the need and cost to clubs of erecting a physical frequency board at the club.

*** Provided completely FREE-OF-CHARGE to all pilots and clubs, as a service to the RC pilot community and all flying clubs ***

The world's largest database of model airfields and slopes, with around 15 000 model pilots around the globe now actively using the app.

As a pilot, you want to know...

■ who has checked in to your favorite club recently with what aircraft
■ who is currently also on your frequency when at your club when you are not on 2.4Ghz
■ if conditions are good to fly at the moment at your local club
■ what flying opportunities there are to fly at your local club according to the weather in the next 10 days
■ what clubs are available to fly at, near the destination of your trip
■ what pilots are in your local area or at the destination of your trip and engage with them
■ what aircraft your friends and local pilots have in their fleet
■ what the active runway is and what the recommended take-off/landing direction is recommended if you are a novice
■ which slopes are available nearby or close to your destination to fly your glider according to wind strength and direction
■ what kits, plans and manufacturers are available and their technical specifications (such as centre of gravity settings and more)

As a club you want to know what...

■ who has check-in to the club recently
■ who is on what frequency at the moment
■ flying opportunities there are to fly according to the weather in the next 10 days
■ pilots are local to the club
■ aircraft are local to the club
■ the active runway is and what the current or future recommended take-off/landing direction is

Fly to live! Live to fly!

Bringing the pilot community together...

Get yours FREE today by searching for "aeromura" on your play store or app store or tap on one of the links below.

Android pilots download it for free on the Google Playstore here : https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...nworx.aeromura

Apple iPhone download it for free on the Apple App Store here: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1526771501

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