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Anyone ever mid-air with a bird?

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Anyone ever mid-air with a bird?

Old 07-07-2004, 09:11 PM
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Default RE: Anyone ever mid-air with a bird?

one of the guys i know pulled a really quick split s (funtana 40) and the hawk that was stalking him tried to do that too, but it did not work out so well for him. he figured it out when he realized he was upside down and he dropped a ways before he recovered. he later tried to engage the plane in a territorial fight and it was really funny. the hawk simply could not catch this little plane. every time the hawk would get close enough he would either wall it or pull a split s and the hawk simply could not keep up. the pilot was having fun with this. he could not land because he would be a sitting duck so he made the most of the moment. eventually he chased it away at WOT and the bird left him alone.
Old 07-09-2004, 02:44 AM
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Default RE: Anyone ever mid-air with a bird?


I've had a mid ground with a pig that ran across the runway as I was just ready to rotate, knocked that pig senseless and tore up the firewall pretty bad. I have had to take evasive action from Hawks and the dogfight was on, what it a hoot that was![&:]
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Old 07-09-2004, 03:56 AM
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Default RE: Anyone ever mid-air with a bird?

LOL, this thread is hilarious. I've never had trouble with birds chasing me, I guess I don't fly straight and level long enough for them to draw a bead on my plane.

-Matt Bailey
Old 03-04-2014, 04:52 AM
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Default this bird is a good pilot .,... and avoids midairs!!

"And now for something completely different" [Monty Python's Flying Circus] >

If you check frame-by-frame [easiest to see in Delta vid], you can see he's actually steering [within constraints of tether and/or gravity] ... and no just hanging on & "riding".


Kiki Flies His Delta

Kiki's Flying Carpet [also INVERTED!]

Kiki Playing

Totally Kiki [all of the above 3 videos strung together]

more info >

As indicated in the YouTube text you can jog the video/s frame-by-frame to inspect Kiki's continual steering input to the gliders. Easiest to see in the Delta vid: for ex., in the un-tethered landing sequences note his body & tail go nearly vertical as he prepares to flare the landing [as I'm saying "Up!"].

Careful observation of the videos shows that he seems to very rapidly use his body position + posture to provide the same control inputs as would an experienced human pilot [within the constraints of the tether and/or gravity]. Some is instinct, some, my teaching, and some just being smart ....!

Further, if you turn up the volume and listen closely you can hear him happily whistle during many of the seemingly crazy/hard parts [like hanging sideways during some of the tethered Carpet starts and in the "wingover/loops" ]. Obviously not crazy for a fun-loving experienced acrobatic/aerobatic bird with wings always at the ready to instantly "save" him if needed.

Frame-by-frame note an interesting avian technique as he makes high-speed/hot landing approaches using his own wings at the beginning of the Kiki Playing vid. He seems to be making extremely rapid micro S-turn glide-slope corrections [all our birds do this macro, easily seen]. It's a kind of very quick tail-waggle yaw "doublet". Stoplet?

Could be just the effect of differential wing-thrust moving the tail, or a conscious effort to raise the tail's Rn. Dunno.

But I do know that besides being a real good guy, Kiki is an excellent flier in the natural bird.way. Sometimes with wingtip feathers only bare millimeters from the walls during 50KPH circular room chases [he allows more space when going more straight-line room-to-room].



addendum > for total CG changes and control-force calculations:

Kiki: 43g, CG slightly behind his grip w.r.t. natural perch position [on yellow stick]

Delta: 23g, CG halfway up vert. member, in vert. line w/tether point at top of that member

Carpet: 21g, CG over underside cross-member, tether point at perch

Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version

Name:	kiki flying carpet.PNG
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ID:	1974752   Click image for larger version

Name:	kiki delta.PNG
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ID:	1974753   Click image for larger version

Name:	kiki delta 4.PNG
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ID:	1974756  
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Old 03-04-2014, 06:07 AM
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I was hovering in a headwind a 40 size BUSA Taube that I had covered in red Coverite and had a red tailed hawk take a dive at it. I guess maybe the Taube looked like a bird? Anyway he missed and the plane and bird went on to fly another day.
Old 03-05-2014, 02:26 AM
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If it was a male redtail, if he dove agressively, it may have been a territorial assertion. But these fellows are fairly intelligent and he obviously quickly recognized that although red, your plane was NOT another redtail invading his territory.

Unlike many humans, most other animals go by "live & let live", within some reasonable rules [as in, "find your own territory", if it was another male redtail, for ex.]


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