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Only Time can Heal Me Now

Old 08-28-2006, 04:39 PM
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Default Only Time can Heal Me Now

I am writing this in memory of my father who passed away last wednesday evening of cancer. He introduced me to this hobby which I hold so dear when i was just a little boy. I'd spend every minute i could just watching him build or work on his planes, knowing when i got older i'd get to fly them also. The sad thing is, when he re-married he sold his models to buy his wife a ring. I never lost the fever for planes and a few years later i bought an old Sureflite j-3 cub. He helped me get everything set up on it and I couldn't have been more thrilled. Although he never started flying planes again, he continued to help me with mine until the end. I received a phone call fom him right after he found out he as ill, asking if I knew where a plane was that he wanted to fly with me again. He never got the chance, as the lord took him home last week. as I set here writing this, my heart is absolutely torn apart. It seems as though life stopped and nothing else matters. i know only time can heal my pain. I too have a young son that loves my planes and i'll pass this on to him. I owe my great love for this hobby to my father who got me started when i was young. He will be greatly missed. In summary, please get a young person started in a hobby. Whether it be rc or hunting and fishing. In the end, it'll mean more to them than words could ever express. Thanks!
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Default RE: Only Time can Heal Me Now

I know how hard it is for you. Your story is pretty similar to mine. I never got to fly with my dad even though we always wanted to, money and other issues always got in the way. When he was diagnosed with prostate cancer he bought himself a Tower Trainer and was going to learn to fly. Unfortunately he passed away before he could fly it. So I took the plane and learned to fly it for him. That was ten years ago and every time I go to the field to fly I always stop before my first flight of the day and say "Dad, I know you're up there. Let's fly this plane together". Some may say that sounds silly, but I can feel him with me when I fly. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about him. I know that doesn't help you much, but what I'm trying to say is if you keep him in your heart he'll always be there with you. Hang in there, it does get easier to take. But I'm pretty sure your dad is there watching you fly too.

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Default RE: Only Time can Heal Me Now

Biguglystick.....It's difficult to respond to someones post when they have just lost a love one. No words can ease the pain and remorse that one feels at a loved ones passing. You are correct in your assumption that time will ease the pain. I lost my 1st wife to Lung Cancer, so I can honestly say that I know how you feel. I myself was diagnosed with Lung Cancer, 3 years ago. I went through the Chemo Treatments, and I've been in remission for about 2 /2 years now. Why God chooses to take some, and leave others is hard for many of us to know. But we must understand that even though we don't know......God always has a reason for everything, and we just have to go on with life. Remember, life never ends. We just go from one state to another. After all, isn't that what the promise of everlasting life is. Bob
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Default RE: Only Time can Heal Me Now

A sad hideho,
Tomorrow is the 1st anniversary of my Mom's passing.
I have learned that you can in fact live with a broken heart.
I miss her terribly, every single day.
May God give you peace in your heart, and welcome your father with open arms.
God bless.
Old 08-29-2006, 08:30 AM
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Default RE: Only Time can Heal Me Now

I'm one of the lucky ones. My dad brought me into the hobby, and at 85 he's still at the field every chance he gets. And we go together whenever we can. I got my son started as a kid, and now he's finally at the age where he's settling down, and he has recently gotten back into flying.

My dad can be a real pain in the butt sometimes, as I'm sure I can be to my son, but this is a good reality check for me. I know he won't be around much longer, and I'm going to cherish every minute we have left!
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Default RE: Only Time can Heal Me Now

I completely understand how you feel. I lost my father 2 year ago to liver cancer. When I read your post this morning I could not help but to think about what you said and how you are feeling all day. When I read what you had to say it brought tears to my eyes.

I can only assume you were close to your dad as I was to mine. The only really bad thing is you don't realize how much you love someone until they are gone. This has been said before but it is true, as time passes the pain will ease, you will not forget, but it does get easier to deal with.

My dad got me started in R/C, if it would not have been for him I would not have ever considered flying model planes. In any case my dad had built an 80" Fly- Baby about a year before he started to feel bad enough he that he did not spend any more time in his airplane shop.

The plane never had a completely successful flight for one reason or another. So last winter I decided to get the plane down out of the attic in the garage and rework it. My only goal was to get it into the air and back down in one piece. I spent a fair amount of time changing servo's, linkages, and the motor.

After about 2 trips to the field I finally got it up in the air, and boy did it fly nice. Scale planes are not really my thing, but I sure did enjoy flying that plane. I feel very sure dad was watching that flight and I am sure he had to have had a smile on his face.

Anyway about a month after dad passed I called the AMA HQ and asked if I could have my dads AMA number. He was a member since the late 70's. I did get his number and let me tell you I am very proud of it. When that discussion comes up about what is your AMA number (I proudly say mine is 18633, that was my dads AMA). It is a great way to remember.

I wish you all the best of luck and keep a stiff upper lip, things will get better.

Carl Anderson Jr. AMA# 18633

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