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fishnman 02-16-2014 08:40 PM

Seagull Shoestring
I am putting together a Seagull Brand shoestring. There is a small, about 3 mm, hole in the wing panels about 8 inches out from the wing root. Does anyone know what this hole is for. No detailed instructions in the book.

Wing span is 63 inches. I am baffled.

Any help would be appreciated.

AMA 74894 02-17-2014 07:38 AM

;) check page 25 of the manual...

I'm not sure if they're calling that an anti-rotation pin, or some sort of wing incident adjustment...
(assuming that's the hole you're talking about)

flyinwalenda 02-17-2014 08:21 AM

I've seen these on another Seagull model and they seem to be positioned where the wing tube stops. Haven't figured out what they are for.

AMA 74894 02-17-2014 09:14 AM

ah, I suppose they're to keep the wing tube itself from migrating... :)

flyinwalenda 02-17-2014 09:25 AM

Maybe they thought they needed an escape hole for the air inside the tube when you slid on the second panel ?

topspin 02-17-2014 01:39 PM

Is it for the threadded mounting pins??

fishnman 02-17-2014 01:51 PM

No, That is another hole closer to the fuselage. I finally figured that one out. Very poor instructions in the manual. I am going to take the wing to my club flying field on Sat. and see if someone can figure it out. nice plane, just poor instructions. I appreciate the replies.

AMA 74894 02-17-2014 02:14 PM

:D well now it's a puzzle... :) I've got a Seagull Edge 540 and it's got neither hole... :)
(and it looks like they've often photoshopped out the holes entirely ... odd.)

flyinwalenda 02-17-2014 02:18 PM

I have seen it on the 120 size PT-19 and Nemesis.

autoguns 03-24-2014 07:04 PM

I don't know about the second hole. It I sure don't like the locking pin set up on the wing . I'm using internal wing bolts to back up the pins .

where you setting the CG on yours ? I hear the 3-11/16" CG in the manual is wrong

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