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$ircra$halot 11-15-2007 07:21 AM

modelsport magazine video
Has anyone heard from John Beach since hurracane Dennis? I paid for a subscription well over 2 years ago, almost 3years now, and have not recieved a thing! I have tryed to contact John without success! I know he had some health problems but it has been almost 3 years now. His web site still shows issue # DMS0701 so I assume he is no longer in this buisiness and pray his health has improved, a shame, I really enjoyed watching these videos. If nothing else I would settle for some back issues but since I already have several, I would like to contact him so I don't get issues I already have.
Can anyone help?

tailskid 11-20-2007 07:34 PM

RE: modelsport magazine video
I too loved his videos - too bad he quit making them.

Kmot 01-11-2008 02:10 AM

RE: modelsport magazine video
Does anyone know John Beech personally and can fill us in on how he is doing?

Edit: I just did a quick search and John Beech appears to be alive and well on a heli forum called RunRyder. He apparently is busy with a heli he has produced and sells through a company called Audacity Models, and Genesis Hobby Distributors. I just looked there at Genesis becuase I wanted to order some of the old Modelsport videos and they have them for sale:


$ircra$halot 01-11-2008 07:55 AM

RE: modelsport magazine video
Thanks Kmot
I had heard John had some health problems as well, and hope he has made a full recovery. I have tried to contact him several times and keep running into snags. I even had a phone # in Florida for him at one time but kept getting an answering machine that did not have his voice on it so I can't say for sure it was even the right # for him. I did leave a message but he never called. I have spoken to him and his wife Lynn on the phone before but that was when they lived in North Carolina. I've also tried to E-mail him at genisis hobby, but when I hit send I get some kind of message stating that the message did not go through for what ever reason, I must admit my computer skills are lacking. I paid for a subscription and would like to get something for my $, so at least I do have another ave to explore! Unfortunatly I can't find my visa statment to prove I paid for the subscription. I hope he has a record of it, or that maybe Lynn remembers, I placed the order through her while getting a replacement vhs for nitro unauthorized t-maxx video rcb004 that had a bad sound track, it was replaced no questions asked and I was not even required to send the defective one back. I do believe he is an honest person that just got turned upside down between the hurricane and health problems.
I have also heard he is the distributor for Y.S. engines. In the videos I have, he makes them sound so good and I am thinking they must be because last I heard only the military can get them. I know I would like to get one.

onecuwldood 03-30-2008 12:19 AM

RE: modelsport magazine video

Same boat here, I paid for subscription and John quit putting them out. I believe it was YW engines though. I thought the ads on the videos sounded good too. The Modelsport web site used to have forums and if memory serves, John started selling the YW engines and rumor was he had some sort of gov. contract?!?!? Last thing I ever heard. It's a shame someone didn't pick this up, a DVD magazine was different and fun to watch.

$ircra$halot 03-30-2008 07:30 AM

RE: modelsport magazine video
You are right onecuwldood.
My bad, it is, or was yw, not ys engines John became the distributor for. I have pretty much written off my $, and don't know if I would take the chance on a yw engine now if they do become available to the general public for fear of dropping another large sum of cash for nothing, even though they look like a good engine, what a shame.

Kmot 03-30-2008 12:08 PM

RE: modelsport magazine video
I found out some more info about Modelsport Magazine. John Beech moved from North Carolina to Florida, and just after he got all moved in one of those huge Florida hurricanes hit and totally wiped out his building that stored all his equipment including video cameras and editing equipment, models and supplies, etc.

At the same time, Dubro, one of his major sponsors, started Inside RC television show. (Which as we all know, flopped.)

John Beech started an RC forum website (which as it turns out RC Universe is remarkably patterned after). Don't know what happened there but maybe after being wiped out by the hurricane he did not have the means to continue the website.

Starting up Modelsport Magazine again would take a huge investment in cash and time and he's not sure he wants to do it all over again.

$ircra$halot 03-31-2008 09:24 PM

RE: modelsport magazine video
I understand John's position completly! However, I would think he would have had insurance to cover his losses. It is possible he did not have time to get all the details of insurance worked out before the hurricane hit. But it has been at least 3 years now and he seems to be impossible to reach. As I said in another post, I would be more then satisfied to get some of the early issues, but, I don't want to get issues I already have, so I need some way to relay which issues I do have to him, or who ever may be handleing this. Unfortunately, I have no way to prove that I did pay for a subscription because I can't find my visa statement for it, so I can only hope his wife Lynn would remember talking to me, we did talk for a few minutes, also, I have talked to John on the phone a few times as well. I would understand if I can't recoop my loss although I remember seeing the visa statement where I was charged for the subscription. I don't know if he reads these threads or not, but there have been others that say they paid for a subscription, and did not get anything. Bottom line, I enjoyed the shows he put out and would like to see him get back into it, but like I said, I understand.

MaxAdventure 02-07-2009 11:06 AM

RE: modelsport magazine video
I know it's an old thread, however I just wanted to post some follow up. I learned about John / Genesis early last year (when this thread was active) when researching a new Heli. I was convinced his model was the best for me and have had communication with him through 2008. He has a reputation of being among the best in customer service in the RC helicopter community. I use the following email "[email protected]" to reach him, and his new web site is about 80% as of today. (still getting some photos up, and it has a couple of missing links) [link=http://www.genesishobby.com]Genesis Hobby[/link]

I had not heard of the hurricane issues after his move to Florida, but I do know he's pushing his two currently released helicopters. I do know he's run into other issues in 2008.

Some days I get an immediate response, some days I have to bug him over the course of a week or two, but he's always come through! I've even had a few unexpected phone calls just because he's read a forum post and wanted to be sure I was taken care of!

I think he's great guy that goes the extra mile, so I'd encourage some patience as he's a one man show who's had some setbacks, yet keeps smiling!

Check out his website, current contact information can be found there.


Kmot 02-07-2009 12:56 PM

RE: modelsport magazine video
Thanks for the update Max!

I had several e-mail conversations with John and I think he is a fine fellow. I would love to see his ModelSport magazine come back to life.

tailskid 02-07-2009 03:44 PM

RE: modelsport magazine video
Kmot, I agee with you....and yes I'd LOVE to have him resume his video work!

cubfloater 10-30-2012 02:16 PM

RE: modelsport magazine video
Anyone ever heard any more from Mr. John Beech? I hope he's doing well and would love to see more of his expertise in the RC industry somehow.


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