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Cox Stuka JU-87D info.

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Default Cox Stuka JU-87D info.

I finally found out what I used to fly almost 20 years ago.
It was a Cox Stuka JU-87D control line.
My parents are sending it to me, and I know it is still air worthy. Even if it isn't, I found a place to buy all the replacement parts if any are needed.
I was wondering if anybody had any info on it, and what kind of "reviews" it might have had "back in the day".
I remember it being pretty agile, but this when I was 12 I think.
You can but a new restored one at a site that I found for $260. I am assuming that is because of it's age, and rarity now.
I would realy like to find out as much as I can about this plane, mainly sentimental reasons. Any help or opinions about it would really be great.
Thanks very much!
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Default RE: Cox Stuka JU-87D info.

sell it, they bring a lot
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Default RE: Cox Stuka JU-87D info.

Here are a couple of places to check out:

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Default RE: Cox Stuka JU-87D info.

Takes me back to a time when you could go to a Toys-R-Us and they had a whole isle devoted to nothing but what they identified as Gas Planes. RTF C/L airplanes at the time had a nearly untouchable ten or so dollar price tag for us kids. They were sometimes found at the PX for a little better price. I had two black Cox Stukas. I used to take my Cox airplanes completely apart to clean them. The first Stuka blew apart in straight and level flight -- I remember one of the forward of 4? screw stand-offs holding the fuse halves together was stripped out and the airplane completely dissassembled itself in flight. (Poor attention to details on my part!) I liked the airplane enough and eventually acquired another one. I think I sold it at a club auction ten or so years ago for one dollar. It was a favorite of all the Cox/Testors Fly 'em airplanes I owned. I never progressed beyond the occasional loop in C/L and it was a huge event amongst the neighbor kids I flew with to get any airplane to perform a loop successfully. But, unlike what you may see or hear elsewhere, all those airplanes DID fly if you possessed the skill. The thing I really liked best was that when the engine quit, it maintained momentum well and with proper technique, performed the prettiest wheel landings. Pictured is my ten year old R/C version as a Ju-87"B" with an original Cox boxtop.
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Default RE: Cox Stuka JU-87D info.

Wow! Back in 1964 I got a Cox "Stuka Dive Bomber" for Christmas. I'd bet it's basically the same airplane. I use to fly it on short lines in front of our "Quarters" on the Navy Base in Argentia, Newfoundland with snow all over the joint!! . It flew nicely but I seem recall it wasn't a "Stunter"[X(] Cool memory!!
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Default RE: Cox Stuka JU-87D info.

Some other features I remember were: the small parts molded in red, molded pilot and gunner, simulated Junkers-style displaced ailerons, sliding canopy that had to be taped shut to keep from vibrating open in flight, red generator props, red exhaust stack, red tail wheel, red machine gun, red antenna, wire landing gear stubs for the wheel pants, rubber tires on the main wheels, the awful to clean around marking stickers, a yellow spinner, a red bomb with a bomb release to be operated by a third line, and the functional visual fuel indicator (fuel tank window) on the right side. Its rather amazing that the airplane flew as well as it did with all those scale-like details...

Here's a brochure from that era...
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Default RE: Cox Stuka JU-87D info.

Old thread, I know. But I am wondering who made the kit in H5606's photo. These Cox planes were well out of my price range, but I did manage to own a PT-19 and somehow talked my parents into getting me a P-40 Warhawk at age 11. Neither of them ever flew, as my father was never willing to help me get started. I had to watch others fly at parks instead, when ever I got the chance.

Of course, now I have several RC planes in my collection and the only thing he knows is "don't crash 'em". A brilliant mechanic who can fix a broken transmission with baler twine he is. But he's not the brightest bulb on the string when it comes to aerodynamics.

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Default RE: Cox Stuka JU-87D info.

I doubt that is a kit myself. Could be a build from a magazine article or something modded to look like a Stuka.
Definitely not scale at all. Mostly just ornamental window deressing to make it appear to be a Stuka.
Note the constant chord wing and the boxy fuelage and wheel pants. A kit most likely would have a plastic canopy to make it more scale-like. The exhaust looks to be simply Monokote trim.
It really is all done in good taste with some attention to detail. Canopy lines, Aerial, rear facing cannon, the bends in the wings, elevator balancers and the red propeller thingy on the left landing gear. Was that the source of the whine the Stuka had in a dive? I remember reading somwhere that it had a Dive siren ( if that be the correct name for it) to instill fear from those witnessing a dive bomb attack.

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Default RE: Cox Stuka JU-87D info.

The dive siren on a Stuka, from what I recall, where what you heard in old movies during a dive when a plane was getting ready to crash. The sound was also common in some Loonie Tunes cartoons, again to mimic a fall or dive. And yes, the propellers over the wheel fairings where what drove the sirens. I would have to say, it looks like a kit modified to look like a Stuka; it doesn't look bad at all. I guess the only option for me would be a 10 year project [:@] .

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Default RE: Cox Stuka JU-87D info.

The airplane in the picture is not C/L; I just posted it because I was influenced by the all black Cox Stuka I used to have. It is built from a series of plans a guy I know designed awhile back as a reminder scale simple series of many WWII aircraft. By the way, all of them are very easy and fun to build and fly!

The airplane Cox had was based on a "D" model even though the picture on the boxtop is clearly a "B" model.

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