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CLBetten 11-05-2015 07:41 PM

Lanier Shrike Conversion?
Think a .15 sized Lanier Shrike would convert well to CL for a fairly newbie sport flyer?

aspeed 11-06-2015 06:51 AM

Probably? Usually c/line needs a bit more nose weight, and a little tip weight, so I would address that before getting too far along in the project. There are lots of other options though, unless you happen to just have one around, or got a great deal on it.

paw080 11-06-2015 10:14 AM

Originally Posted by CLBetten (Post 12123309)
Think a .15 sized Lanier Shrike would convert well to CL for a fairly newbie sport flyer?

Hi CL, are you building from a set of plans, or will you build a kit? First of all, I recommend a drastic weigh reduction. That means

you will have to do a lot of wood size reduction and pay very careful attention to wood grain. I also suggest you try to build for

an 18-20% CG. This model as designed has way too long a nose moment. You will have to shorten the nose length, and place

the front of your tank at the leading edge of the wing. Also lose the inward wedge angle of the vertical fins.

This Shrike is an attractive model for sure; but the design configuration has been explored decades before. I refer to

The Fierce Arrow and Barry Baxter's 1/2 Arrow. Bare's 1/2 Arrow has 260sq"s wing area, and this was powered with a

Paw .049 cu" diesel engine. The Netzband Fierce Arrow has 800sq"s wing area and was powered by the venerable Fox .35.

If building from plans, I recommend 350-400sq"s wing area if using a strong .15 engine. Best of luck; :D


CLBetten 11-06-2015 10:46 AM

Actually I picked up a partially built kit. It was a throw in on some old timer kits. I'm not really interested in flying it as RC. Thought it may be fun as a CL.

paw080 11-07-2015 02:18 PM

Hi Again, Yes, I gotcha. My suggestions are for a control line model conversion.


Gene Chernosky 01-26-2016 04:21 PM

...a waste of a great R/C model.

Find some plans, scratch build something...just don't take a kit like this and 'convert' it to C/L.

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