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Cross Check 08-21-2018 10:22 AM

CL Wingloadings
Hi All,
I have an own design plane I want to complete.
Adding up the bits, it will be 16oz/sqft or over.
.25 power, 15%thk symetrical airfoil. .015, 60 ft lines ?
I am curious if it will be able to do basic (loops, lazy 8s etc.)
It has been decades since I have flown 'long lines'. I fly my decades old 1/2A (original FlightStreakish) ocasionally, still in one piece ! (10oz/sqft)
It is designed as a re-trainer for me and a trainer for my R/C buddy. All coro/non balsa. Repairs built in !
(I want to take it to the BalsaBeavers, without balsa !)
Just using up old .25engines and coro tech, from RC Scale Combat.
Goal is to enter Sport Racing, and this will be a good 'tugboat' to practice pitting too. (shutoffs, etc.)
Wierd how my buddy and I would rather pit, than fly and get dizzy !
Hope to count laps at the final race again. And get this plane together for a test flight with experts.

Again the question. Is 16oz/sqft too heavy for mild stunting?
Or is it doomed for level laps ?
Thanks for any input,
Take care,
Have fun,

aspeed 08-21-2018 04:18 PM

The Balsa beavers don't do the LA .25 racing any more. They went to the LA .15 because the .25 is not made any more. Here are the rules. http://www.balsabeavers.com/information/rules/cl_rules_g0317_racing.pdf The Sig Buster kit and whatever the other one is are the two planes used. They supply the motor. Shutoffs are allowed. (and needed really) Paul won the last one a couple weeks ago with me flying. Pretty close racing with the pit stops really making the difference. Will your plane stunt well? I don't know, probably. Try it out I guess. I have a kind of heavy stunter with a .40 FP that weighs 3 lbs with 530 sq. in. It flies pretty good except for overhead stuff which I can't do anyway. I think it is a bit overpowered. I bet the F2D combats would be great with your .25s. We / they have the 80mph speed limit combat and most guys use the lighter .25s. with the .15 size planes. They fly very very well.

Cross Check 08-24-2018 02:40 PM

Thanks aspeed,
Sorry for delayed response. I have been going through the BalsaBeaver website. The race I went to was 6yrs ago !
Got lots of info. The .15 SportRacers look more practical and fun.
I'll go to the Sept.Centenial Event and pick some brains. They are a fun bunch.
I'll get my 'coro-creation' flyable and see if somone will test fly it. With some research, it should fly like a 40oz Ringmaster.
With a .25 swinging a 9-4 at ~12+K. I also will get my old U-Reely set up with new .015 lines.
I was going to scrap it because of getting heavy, but, why not see if it flys ! Crash, then scrap !
I see the RingMasters are popular, I have the NIB LA.25 I got for the .25 SportRacing that can go in one.
I'm going back to balsa.
I'm glad this is my last coro plane. If I got it right though, it should last forever ! Heavy planes always fly heavy though !
Take Care,
Have Fun,
Maac 6437
Unabashed Combat Team

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