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mydartswinger 11-11-2014 08:01 PM

Parts Available?
So I went to my storage room today and stumbled on my old Parkzone SU-26m (the white one) after it's been sitting in there for over 2 years (nearly 3). I think to myself, "hey, I've got a the stuff to get it going again as long as it's electronics work and I can still get the foam parts". Got it home, bound it to my DX6i, and everything works. However, there's a problem: the foam. It's going to need all new foam (fuselage, wings, stabilizer, and rudder). It looks like Horizon no longer sells most of the parts for it (at least by searching their site).

Does anyone know if Horizon does still sell these parts? If so, do I have to know the part number or contact them directly? If not, where, other than ebay, could I find them?


p.s. I know that I could get a complete, brand new BNF for about $100, but I'd like to get this one back in the air (I really enjoyed it).

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