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wetbird 06-09-2019 01:48 PM

RunCam Split mini2 camera hook up?
Hello, Need help! I was just given a RunCam Split mini2 video camera. I would like to install it on my plane not a drone.
My question: How to hook it to a battery? This camera has 3 wires, red, black and yellow, yellow being the video wire. I get the red & black, Battery + & -, but the yellow "video" wire, I don't get, what does that hook to. All 3 wires go into a small connector, what does that plug into? The instructions says the power supply will be VCC+ 5v - 20v, I get that. I have a Fat Shark transmitter, the Fat Shark camera has the same 3 wires.
Another Question: Can I cut the end of the RunCam camera 3 wires connector off, cut the Fat Shark camera wires, solder the RunCam wires to the Fat Shark connector, so I can hook the RunCam Split Mini2 camera to the Fat Shark transmitter or would that not work or could that hurt the circuit board on the runcam?
Any help would be appreciated!


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