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LJE4357 03-08-2014 05:56 AM

Professional Video Editing System
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I have a professional video editing system I would like to get rid of. I used to sell Non-Linear video editing systems when they first came out. I got out of the business over 10 years ago, selling off most of my equipment. But I kept some of the hardware that needed to edit NTSC video. Here is a list of equipment. All this equipment is new stillin the box.

Panasonic 7500 SVHS professional tape deck with time base generator $7000 new. It has a couple hundred hours use.
Controller interface to PC for frame by frame editing and recording/playback with all the cables. Never used, except to check out. $4500
JVC 605 SVHS Editing deck with interface to a PC for frame by frame editing. New never used except to check out. $5000 with controller
Hotronics A-21 switcher and special effects generator. New never used, except to check out. $5000
Various software packages for editing, effects, animation. Guessing over $10,000

P4 computer system with all the cables needed to intergrate, Hard drives are IDE for software, and SCSI for video.
also Truevision video capture card, little use, cost new was $7000. This card will also do HD
Plus other support hardwaren and software.

I hope to sell this all as a complete package. I know by todays standards its obsolete, but i also know there are still people still shooting BETA, and SVHS, NTSC
I'm would like to sell all as a package for $1000. If anybody is interested, just send me an email at [email protected], and we'll go from there.

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