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EBen63060 04-08-2012 11:40 PM

Howdy all, new to forum and flyers. Need help.
Not sure if I can be helped, but am going to ask. I bought a used DFIV a few weeks ago and found that it had a bad motor. Been waiting for the new motors to come in and decided to do some testing motor outputs big mistake!!). Bottom line is I tried checking the current output thinking there was a load limiter on the circuit and fried one of the transistors. Does anyone sell these mofsets or have old boards they'd be willing to sell.I am trying to avoid throwing 250 bucks out the window. I am considering the upgrade from spectrolutions, but not sure if it is worth upgrading with the it being relatively obsolete. I did by a MQXand am hooked on the multirotor birds. My main goal is to graduate to high end photography and get some good pics of some of the local elk herds. Thanks for any inout or suggestions, Earl

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