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Draganfly4u 11-07-2003 04:05 AM

Draganfly iv. Anyone flew it?Control?
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Hello i was wondering dose anyone own the Draganfly iv or seen it in action in real life? I like to know how it flys. Also i was wondering how you control the Dragan flyer?
There is only two control sticks. I guess there would be one for up and down and the other left and right. But how in the world would you go forward??? I don't get it. Like any other heilcopter. The contorl thing confuse me!! I really hope to hear from someone!


FlyingFish 11-10-2003 11:27 PM

RE: Draganfly iv. Anyone flew it?Control?
I fly nothing But the Draganfly!!!!!!!!! I'ts a great heli to fly, Much easier than a conventional Heli, Let me explain! First off, the Nose or front rotor is marked by having a different color blade so that you always know which is the front of the craft during flight! To hover all 4 rotors operate at the same RPM. then to go forward you push the right stick forward and that increases the REAR rotor speed to cause a slight forward tilt allowing the machine to drive forward. The Oposite for rear or backward flight! When operating your alieron function, (which is the Right stick pushed left or right) Example; to bank the draganflyer to the left you push the right stick to the left and that causes the right rotor blade to increase RPMs tilting the Draganflyer to the Left, Visa Versa for Right Banking. The Left stick, when pushed forward increases RPM on all for Rotors for Hover or increased Altitude. Take the left stick and push it to the left or right and that allows a change in Torque or RPM speed of the front & rear Rotors so that you can steer the Draganflyer like a plane does with a rudder. Anymore Question you can e-mail me [email protected] I'm Frankie.

rodneybarrett 11-30-2003 10:36 PM

RE: Draganfly iv. Anyone flew it?Control?
flying fish:

Where is the best place purchase these machines?

And do the cameras work pretty well?

rajul 12-01-2003 01:23 AM

RE: Draganfly iv. Anyone flew it?Control?
How well does the dragonfly fly outdoors in windy condition ? How high can you fly it ? I'm interested in taking aerial shots of buildings. Thx

dragnaflyer 12-01-2003 09:57 AM

RE: Draganfly iv. Anyone flew it?Control?
I bought my DF IV right from the factory, great folks to deal with. It is a VERY stable machine, and the camera is really good quality. I've been using mine quite a lot shooting low level aerial video for a realtor friend of mine, sort of a new approach to home listings. A 10 or 15 second video of the house from 30 -50 feet altitude, a shot up and down the street and a post on the web as an mpeg file, the first house I shot for him sold within a day!

Video quality is about comparable to an analog camcorder, the only issue that I have had with the camera is that it is quite directional, so it really improves the quality if you have an assistant to "aim" the reciever at the heli while you worry about flying it.

All told, it's a bag of fun and incredibly tough. I've pounded mine into a tree in FFF, 40 ft. up and had it crash to the ground onto pavement. Total damage: a motor mount cracked, under $5. to fix. By comparison, I also fly a LMH Corona, which has a VERY good reputation for crash survivability. I just had a crash with it impacting a tree (ECS glitch, radio fell over while I was trying to correct the problem, went to full throttle and climbed out under no control), total cost to repair? In excess of $100. for broken main rotors, stripped tail rotor gears, destroyed gyro, one servo, crutch, etc.

I like both helis a great deal, but if I'm looking for a really stress free, low cost fun fly, I pick up the Draganfly every time.

rajul 12-01-2003 10:01 AM

RE: Draganfly iv. Anyone flew it?Control?
Wayne, it will be nice if you could post some of the pics you took. Thx

AeroRecon 12-23-2003 11:45 AM

RE: Draganfly iv. Anyone flew it?Control?
I bought one a few weeks ago. Holiday time crunch has kept me from getting much flight time. I flew planes for years but no helo exp. QUITE a different control feeling. Still practicing hovering.

It is an amazing little thing. The video system is first rate and VERY small. Includes 4 different ways to power the video.

The videos on the DraganFly.com site are awesome. (a great time killer too!)

I just signed up here and will post other experiences as they happen.

Merry Christmas to all!


sonick 01-01-2004 03:37 AM

RE: Draganfly iv. Anyone flew it?Control?
I'm a general R/C neophyte and just entered the fray via obsessing over the Draganflyer IV after it showed up on the history channel. I've been waiting for this literally since the days of tethered D-cell craft and Armatron was a hot item. It's finally here, and it really isn't as cool as it seems....... IT'S BETTER. THe only thing to consider if you have a pang of desire for this craft, is how quickly can you aquire one without harming your general bill payment dates. Other than that, you only need to know that it's more fun than it even appears. 3 weeks and around 20 hours of stick time here, and went from clueless to proficient hovering, proficient maintenance, and near-proficient 90 degree perceived hovering. Not looking forward to nose-in but I will learn it. I hope to have most maneuvering mastered by 100 hours but I'm not sure if that's realistic, seems to be about right at this right, and i'm NOT naturally gifted with this stuff. Gifted probably would have it mastered completely in 30-40 hours. I have 0 affiliation with Zenon Dragan other than that I gave him $900, and i can say unbiased..... GET ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jayson ;)

Draganfly4u 01-02-2004 12:49 AM

Still thinking.
I just order a catalog of draganfly. There is a good chance i will get the draganfly. The only downside on it is the price. If i did get i would buy the 3-cell 2100Mah Li-Poly battery - ($79.95) for the longest flights! Some reason you have to call the about this and the charger.
Pretty worth is for 15 min of fligth with cam on and 20 min with it off. Not so bad. For some reason they took out the video that Zenon Dragan explain about the draganfly 3 witch was like 3min and 40 sec. I wonder why he remove that hmmm. Anyways i download the video. on another site. Too bad you can't download these draganfly videos. I have watch them so much. Just a neat flying machine!

Hey sonick thats cool you seen this craft on the history chennel! I never seen it on tv before. I will have to check in about seeing that video. I am glad you like your draganflyer. Makes me want to get one! I see you have gain skill to fly one. i think i would hover alot for video shots. It woud be neat if they made a nitro draganfly in the future! Not sure if they have the exp to make one. Well take care!!

Happy flying everyone!

TurboTeg 01-03-2004 01:33 AM

RE: Draganfly iv. Anyone flew it?Control?
I fly the dragon 3 for 1 year now, its a great ship and got me into nitro heli's. Anyone mount any additional ufo lights to theres , I got some blinky lights but havnt installed them yet, what pin can i take regultor voltage from, they told me before but I forget.

Draganfly4u 02-07-2004 11:05 PM

RE: Draganfly iv. Anyone flew it?Control?
What is the diffrent between the draganfly 3 and draganfly 4? i just don't get it.

dragnaflyer 02-09-2004 07:20 PM

RE: Draganfly iv. Anyone flew it?Control?
the IV uses the li poly batteries. Flight duration is increased about 400%. I have about 60 hours on mine now, and I gotta tell you, this is the lowest stress flying there is short of the sim. The DF IV has consistently cost me next to nothing in crash parts, is very easy to maintain compared to my other, more conventional helis, and it's just a bag of fun!

AeroRecon 02-10-2004 09:22 AM

RE: Draganfly iv. Anyone flew it?Control?
Having RealFlight has helped me tremendously. I can experiment there and try things I would not while learning to fly my DFIV. The DraganFlyer is amazing. I carry it with me wherever I go now. I can just stop in a parking lot and fly whenever I want. Lots of fun.

RCairPIX 02-10-2004 11:29 AM

RE: Draganfly iv. Anyone flew it?Control?
Hello to everyone on the board.

I am in the process working my butt off to get one of the DraganFlyer machines.
As a kid, there was a field behind my house that a group of guys bought and converted into
a cool airport for RC planes, jets and helicopters. Since those days of watching the little planes zip
around, I have always wanted one.

I am now 31 years old and recently a practical application brought
the idea of RC airplanes back to me. I work for a Tree Service, and right now my boss is putting in
bids on land clearing jobs. I was thinking it would be really cool if he could have some areal photos of the
property he is trying to check out. I then realized that the cost would be high to hire someone to fly over
and take pictures....but if I could buy a little RC plane....get a wireless cam hooked to it....CHEAP areal photo!

So..I started to look on the web for cameras and planes. I looked at all kinds of planes, helicopters and even blimps and
then WHAM - i ran into this incredible Draganflyer. I MUST HAVE ONE.

It seems to be the perfect thing for what I want to do. I could fly the machine up over sections of the land and get good pictures.

I really want the Draganflyer Xpro or maybe even something custom built to lift 5lbs. I know that is going to cost some big bucks so until I can get the funding to get the big machine I am going to order the smaller DraganFly IV with cam to learn with. I should still be able to get some good pictures with it.

This is a great forum - I would like to share ideas and experiences with you guys when I get my machine - until then I will read your posts and dream of getting my Draganfly. I would love to see pictures from you guys and would be willing to use my web development skills to start a site specially for people who fly DraganFlys. My main interest is areal photo with RC vehicles, but would love to talk about anything. Here is my email [email protected] - contact me anytime.

RCairPIX 02-10-2004 12:11 PM

RE: Draganfly iv. Anyone flew it?Control?
One more thing -

Has anyone heard anything about any of the bigger custom machines that can be built? How about a machine big enough to lift a 200lb cargo? Has it been built?

Kactusking 02-10-2004 01:33 PM

RE: Draganfly iv. Anyone flew it?Control?
It is good to see some other Draganflyer folks.)

I am new to this board, but not new to RC flying. A long term fascination of mine has been aerial photography, and I have tried various methods of achieving this. I started out a number of years ago with a large parafoil kite, a stratoscoop 4 that is made by Greens of Burnley. This kite lifts between 20 and 40 pounds, depending on the strength of the wind. I attached my father's video camera to it, and after some nice footage, the camera came loose and crashed to the ground. Since then I experimented with other kites, but the limited maneuverability, combined with extensive launching requirements (i.e. large field, the right wind, etc.) led to more frustration than anything else. In addition, kites tend to become more unstable and more likely to crash the higher they fly. The next phase involved purchase of a very well built RC paraglider from Dave Garber. This machine has a Zenoah 62 engine, and a 12 foot foill attached to the back. It came with a professional aluminum camera mount, and easily accommodated a digital video camcorder. Once again, initial success and I did get some fantastic video of my neighborhood. This I thought was the perfect vehicle, as it required very little runway, was easy to control, and so well built I believe almost indestructable (it is entirely out of steel and aluminum). However one morning, with the camera on it, I lost control and the throttle opened up autonomously. I watched it go higher and higher, then drift with the wind toward the south. To make a long story short, it ended up on a naval base about 10 miles away, crashing into the fuel depot, having glided in right over the runways for the F-14s. I endured several meetings with the FBI over this incident, as they wanted to make sure I was who I said I was, and not some terrorist. They did eventually give it back to me, sans videotape. I have been too scared now to even fly it again, and after thinking about it quite a bit, it is so heavy that it certainly could do some damage to people or property if I lost control again and it crashed somewhere. Enter the current phase, the Draganflyer.
I got this from my wife as a request for my Christmas gift, and I have been most pleased so far. I am still on a steep learning curve, as I have only become proficient in hovering (which is good because replacing rotors and capacitors was becoming expensive and time consuming, respectively). Perhaps I am delusioned again in thinking that this is finally the ultimate flying platform for videography. Like the previous poster, I am mainly interested in the X-Pro, but I think it is wise to become proficient on a much cheaper model first. I would love to see some photos posted or even aerial videos. I did not buy the camera, as I was dubious about this craft's capabilities in the beginning. However I am starting to feel confident this will become a very long term endeavor and not end in disaster like so many other things along this avenue that I have tried.

CanadaKen 02-10-2004 02:47 PM

RE: Draganfly iv. Anyone flew it?Control?
Just got my Draganflyer III last week from an auction right here on RC Universe.
Brand new in box for only $550 USD delivered with two 10 cell batteries, to Toronto Canada.
I have some RC experience with planes and very limited with heli's.
When I first received the machine it only took about 40 minutes to assemble. The video is about 1/2 hr. long. Not great quality video. Need a good VCR to track the lousy repro. The first half is instructional assembly. The second half is a brief lesson on controlling the Draganflyer on an "X" on the ground (makes sense). Then some great video of Zenon (same as mpg's posted) but clearer and longer, giving a brief lesson and a demo of his and the Draganflyers skills. Some great outdoor videos too!

After about 10 charges of the battery (ten attempted flights) and cracking-up two blades off my basement walls, I'm now getting the hang of it.
It seems the key is to "jump" it off the ground about 2 feet (half throttle). You will then have less ground effect and easier control.
But be aware that you must gain an element of experience controlling this thing or you will most certainly plant it into a tree or ground .

My back strut pylon sheared-off (lock-nut and all) in a panic landing. Had to glue it down. (seems to be holding nicely). Part of the circuit board keeps popping off 2 of the strut mounts in heavy landings. Maybe this is designed to give way to avoid damage to board??

Made my own tether-cord. Used plain wire (heavier gage) and soldered on some connectors. Needs a bit of ballast so I use the weight of a 9volt battery velcroed in.
I get about 10-15 minutes with the tether. I highly recommend this.

Take your time and buy lot's of blades.

[&:]Does anyone know where I can get (or the name of) the battery connectors supplied with the Draganflyer? Hobby shops here say it's unusual...?
[8D]Anyone vaccuform their own blades? Charge 5 bucks each and you're in business!

Draganfly4u 02-10-2004 04:28 PM

RE: Draganfly iv. Anyone flew it?Control?
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HMM i was wondering about the draganfly cam? How long can you record for and how you get what you record on to the vhs tape? It boggles my mind. These are the only thing i like to know about the cam! Lucky thing them blades are foam so they can just snap and not hurt someone! I would love to fly draganfly like in a mall! be so cool! If you have notice they took out a video of the draganflyinfo.mov for some reason. Not sure why. The draganfly info video told alot about the draganfly. Which i happen to have saved on my computer.
I wonder if anyone got the draganfly x-pro. That thing cost way too much!! you can get 5 draganfly iv for that price. Well here some pictures of draganfly iv!

CanadaKen 02-10-2004 04:38 PM

RE: Draganfly iv. Anyone flew it?Control?
Camera is quite simple really. First the camera (mini) plugs into the DF circuit board. Is powered by your onboard battery. Very little power to drive the cam. It gives off a frequency (transmits a signal) to the supplied receiver. This receiver has two jack plugs on it. Audio and video. They are universal and can be plugged into any TV or VCR. Turn on the monitor (TV) and "viola", your picture should be clear. Press record and away you go! Some interference from electrical motors at times. Can record as long as you have power and tape.


You may be allowed to fly in a mall if your father owns it and it's at 3 in the morning?

AeroRecon 02-10-2004 06:56 PM

RE: Draganfly iv. Anyone flew it?Control?

This will be my next purchase. The video receiver plugs into eyeglasses that have a single lens video monitor just to the edge of sight. I guess you just look to it and the focal point stays the same so you can be watching the flyer and also see what its looking at! Awesome. RealFlight offers the 'out the front window' cam-type thing...no way you could only fly from the video but it would sure help to orient the craft once it gets away from you.

Anyone have experience with the Eyetop system??


dragnaflyer 02-11-2004 08:59 PM

RE: Draganfly iv. Anyone flew it?Control?
I have looked at the eyetop and I'm not sure.........I have a set of Olympus video glasses, and if anyone is thinking (like I was) that it would be great to fly with the glasses only; THINK AGAIN! You lose a HUGE amount of spatial reference and positional awareness (not to mention getting rather nauseated almost immediately) trying to fly with the glasses alone.

I'm pretty proficient with the DF (close to 100 hours) and haven't crashed it in a LONG time, but every time I try to fly with the glasses, it's on the ground (sometimes in more than one piece) almost immediately.

They are useful for shooting video. My camera person (SWMBO, A.K.A. my wife:D) wears them while I'm flying to monitor what I'm shooting. She finds it a lot easier to keep track of what is being recorded and direct me into a new position or attitude with the glasses than with the viewfinder on the video camera.

Although since getting the DF I've got the helicopter bug BAD (4 other conventional helis and counting) I still find that the DF is the most trouble free fun of any of them, not to mention the toughest by far! I have crashed it many times, several with considerable speed and altitude, none with damage so severe that it wasn't back in the air in under an hour.

As for the Pro, I saw it fly at the factory in Saskatoon........IT IS AWESOME! A lot of $, yes, but the day I saw it fly the wind was blowing about 20kmh and gusty, and it handled it with virtually no problem. It is a lot bigger, heavier and has a much higher ifting capacity, and the engineering is really something to see. I see it as all being relative; I know a couple of guys who are flying scale helicopters that they have well over $5000. invested in. They are beautiful to watch, and I'd love to own one.....I'd love to own a Pro too. If you can justify the purchase price of either, then they're well worth the money.

(no, I don't work for Draganfly Innovations, but I am darn sure impressed with their products!)

durf786 02-15-2004 02:50 PM

RE: Draganfly iv. Anyone flew it?Control?
Could someone tell me what the specs are for the motor capacitors on a DF IV? I'd like to get some right away.


durf786 02-15-2004 03:58 PM

RE: Draganfly iv. Anyone flew it?Control?
I guess I'll answer my own question - 0.001 microfarad ceramic-disc caps.

BTW, a good place to get 6-32 x 3/8 round head (or pan head) machine
screws is www.mcmaster.com - $4.95 plus shipping for 100.

Does anyone know the motor specs?


durf786 02-15-2004 03:59 PM

RE: Draganfly iv. Anyone flew it?Control?
I forgot to specify that the machine screws I mentioned are nylon.

Draganfly4u 02-17-2004 02:23 AM

RE: Draganfly iv. Anyone flew it?Control?
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Hello i was wondering could you use 7.4V 4200mAh Li-Poly Battery for the draganfly iv? It's not really for it tho. For the predator really.

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