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geoffbrown 01-24-2009 10:28 PM

Converted to brushless won't fly - help
I finally got around to assembling my DFV with brushless board. Unfortunately, it won't fly correctly.
It starts up, all the motors spin up in the correct direction and it starts to lift off, then abruptly it launches straight
up and out of control. I have to cut power or it would shoot through the ceiling. If I don't give it enough throttle
to lift into a hover, it will spin and I can use the controls to tilt it left/right and fore/aft. It seems like everything is working,
it just won't hover or go past part throttle without launching.

I have the original conversion Feigao motors with the Turnigy 10amp ESC's. I tried hooking the ESC's through the
board and also straight to the LIPO. The music plays upon plugging the battery in. I've tried changing the 3 power
leads to the motor, but nothing seems to make an improvement.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. I'll try to post some video in the morning.

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