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partshunt 01-07-2021 12:11 AM

RAM 1000 Starter test RPM
Hello, asking for help on the RAM Microjet owners or past owners. Just purchased a used obsolete RAM 1000 gas turbine. In the test screen on the controller, , when I press the starter button I get about 1050 RPM. I am told it needs 5000 RPM to start. Do I have a problem or is that normal on a test. It appears to attain about 1050 RPM, then guilts and restarts in about 6-10 seconds and repeats again, then stops spinning. . Don't know, I am knew this Turbine staff. Thanks?

CARS II 01-07-2021 08:23 AM

Usually the test on all the components is just that, a test to see if it works, check the starter O ring, make sure it is not worned out, test the fuel and propane selenoid a and put small drop of lubricant ( oil ) in them and test them to excercise them, run the pump for at least 1 min with fuel in a loop to make sure it works to get it moving then run it.

Post here your findings.


partshunt 01-07-2021 10:26 AM

Carlos, thank you, good information, makes a lot of sense too. Will do that. My display on the control box just quit, blank screen, Been having a lot of trouble with the ECU cable, I think it is haywire, another coming. Once I get that, I will do as you say, thanks again... Joe

CARS II 01-07-2021 11:23 AM

Good! Welcome.

You could post this on the main page, more foot traffic there and those guys know way more than me about the RAM engines.

partshunt 01-07-2021 04:12 PM

Carlos, I have one more question. I bought this ram with only 1 solenoid so I plugged it in the FUEL port, not the gas port. I need one for the gas port but the instructions warn not to use any other brand but RAM brand due to a suppression in the solenoid to protect the ECU. My question is does someone have a gas solenoid that I could buy or does anyone make the solenoid replacement for RAM. Maybe someone has a spare they may be willing to sell? Maybe?? OR, what other will work on RAM Turbine without damage the ECU...? Joe

CARS II 01-07-2021 08:11 PM

You can start this engine without a propane solenoid, connect the propane can to the propane line via a 4mm one way Festo fitting, get it from one of the Canadian jet part suppliers or from Dreamworks or from any of the local jet guys, once the start up sequence starts, open the propane valve on the can a bit to get it to light ( listen for the "POP" ) if you don't hear the "POP" then you are using too much propane, then right after it "POPS" open the propane valve a bit more to preheat the chamber, once the ECU sees a hot enough chamber, the ECU will open the fuel solenoid, once the engine gets to the rpms where it switches from propane to Kero/ Diesel, close the propane valve and let the ECU continue the acceleration to running, it will take a few times before you can master how much propane to give it for it to start, this is how we used to do it, some guys are still starting their old engines that way, once the engine is running, it runs just like the brand new ones, the only difference between the old and the new engines is that the new ones are more compact, produce more thrust for the same size can between the two and spools up faster from zero to full rpms when they are on idel.

Enjoy, be safe, put a FOD screen on that engine :) get a strainer from the hardware store $5.

partshunt 01-07-2021 09:28 PM

Thank you for the advice. That is basically the way I understand starting withsout a solenoid. I copied and pasted your info in my Turbine note. I have a screen and filter, also a fuel shut off. Need to hook this stuff up yet. Thanks again..

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