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Tricktrack 04-10-2004 10:56 AM

Triton Charger
Have a new triton charger. I have not found anywhere where you specifically put in the number of cells or peak mah, I am guessing it senses this on its own?

Second, I am not sure I am getting as full a charge as I did with the GWS peak charger I was using. Is there some other setting to possibly look at adjusting?

Lastly, I noticed that in the memory it has Nicad charge 1 cell. I have charge my RX nicad with this charger and was wondering if it automatically stores it in memeory. And, if so, it is a 4 cell pack, not 1.


rod2_hi 04-10-2004 02:56 PM

RE: Triton Charger
You need to set up your pack in the memory section. I don't have my manual with me right now, but if you go to the spot where it says 'Memory 1' and hold down on the dial until it beeps, then turn the dial, watching the number change and the battery type will change too. I will try to get my manual and give you better instructions, but it won't charge your pack right if you are on single cell. It will false peak thinking it is a single cell not a 4 cell.

Tricktrack 04-10-2004 03:44 PM

RE: Triton Charger
Thanks rod, I appreciate the help.

Tricktrack 04-10-2004 03:45 PM

RE: Triton Charger

xvz12 04-10-2004 11:27 PM

RE: Triton Charger
FWIW, you can download the manual here:
I've been using my Triton for a couple of months, & still find myself referring to the manual:D

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