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watersteps 01-22-2022 03:54 PM

E-Flite Connections
Hello Everyone, I have been away from this hobby for several years and now I am getting back into it. I'm ashamed to say that I forgot how to where to hook up the receiver, EFLH1036, EFLH1031 mixer, brushless ESC and mixer and gyro. If there are any diagrams I can download and print that would be great. Just an old guy trying to get back into a great sport.
These are just pieces of a couple used heli's that I picked up for less then $20.00. Looking for a few running heli's to practice with.

Aframomum 01-22-2022 09:36 PM


If this is for a Blade CP Pro/Pro 2 you may find yourself having issues finding replacement parts in an event of a crash. However, I was able to find some manuals for the Blade CP Pro2 and Blade CP Pro that has the hookups for your receivers in question:

Blade CP Pro: E-flite Blade CP Pro Instruction manual | Manualzz
This heli uses the EFLH1031 3 in 1 Control Unit/Mixer/ESC/Gyro

Blade CP Pro 2:
EFLH1375-Manual.pdf (horizonhobby.com)
This heli uses the included 2 In 1 unit in addition to a receiver, such as the EFLH1036 receiver. Don't forget - its an older 72Mhz radio receiver.

Hope this helps,


watersteps 01-23-2022 05:36 AM

Thanks Mark I will just be checking these items to see if they working or trash.

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