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Deftones123 06-27-2008 07:00 PM

are these blades any good for cp pro?
I don't really want to keep wrecking wooden blades on the cp pro, So I was wondering if anyone has used these before[link=http://cgi.ebay.com/blades-for-E-flite-Eflite-blade-CP-cp-pro-rc-heli-BCP_W0QQitemZ150261969119QQihZ005QQcategoryZ34056Q QssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem]Blades[/link]

rotarydoc 06-27-2008 09:41 PM

RE: are these blades any good for cp pro?

Hey, those blades look interesting, huh? It's hard to tell from the pictures or the description exactly what they are? It says something about being foam with a carbon fiber "support bar"....and being "top strong" ??

I don't know....but the price seems right....maybe you will be the guinea pig for RCU on these blades...LOL

Did you find the 2MM screws you needed for the blades at the LHS?

Hope you can get up in the air this weekend...


Deftones123 06-27-2008 09:53 PM

RE: are these blades any good for cp pro?
nah they didnt have the screws I needed, so looks like im going to have to wait for my order to come in, I ordered thursday night, so it looks like I won't be flying this weekend with my cp pro

rotarydoc 06-27-2008 10:01 PM

RE: are these blades any good for cp pro?

That sucks. Those screws are hard to find, very small and metric. I bought a complete hardware set for mine, does your LHS have the hardware set in stock?

Let us know if you end up trying those blades on eBay, I'd be curious how they work out...

Did you fly the CX2 any today?

I didn't fly today at all, I was too busy again at work...I am SO tired! lol


Deftones123 06-28-2008 08:34 PM

RE: are these blades any good for cp pro?
Nah my lhs didnt have the hardware set, which sucks because he said he did but was sold out, so I had to order some online, took my cx2 out and ran 2 packs through it, I wish my cp pro was up and running because it was perfect weather to fly, very calm out, have you got any flying in lately?

rotarydoc 06-28-2008 08:47 PM

RE: are these blades any good for cp pro?
Hey Def,

Nah, not much flying in here today, it has been windy all day long. I flew a little while ago, but it wasn't much fun due to the wind. I had a minor crash, scraped up the blades a little, and bent the spindle, no big deal. I think it was a combination of the wind and a bit of disorientation, the heli was at a weird angle, going backwards and sideways at the same time....gets me every time when that happens!

I did figure my battery problem out though, I think it is the stock Eflite charger that is messing up. I charged the packs that were giving me a false bad cell reading on the C505 charger, and they seem fine now. I am sending a bunch of stuff back to Horizon for warranty work on Monday.

That sucks with the CPP...I hate it when I miss flying time when the weather is nice. It's so rare lately to have a nice calm time to fly, I like to take advantage of it when I can.

So, you gonna try those blades you showed us on eBAy?


Deftones123 06-29-2008 07:09 AM

RE: are these blades any good for cp pro?
that sucks you havent gotten to much time to fly, its been kinda the same over here, way tired from work and such, im still thinking about getting those blades on ebay, i might order them today just to give me a shot, never know they might be decent

rotarydoc 06-29-2008 11:03 AM

RE: are these blades any good for cp pro?

The blades sound like they could be cool, and the price seems right...I guess we'll never know until someone tries them. I'm gettting a bit low on blades myself, I'm tempted to give them a shot as well.

But I am going to get a neck strap for my radio first. I don't have one, and it seems like a really good idea. I find myself with the radio tilted down alot in the front sometimes, not even thinking about it, and it makes it hard to control the sticks that way, so I am going to give that a shot, and see how it goes.

I think later today I am going to get my CX2 working with my DX6i (the B400 radio), and see how I like that. I have known that I can use it for a while now, just never got around to doing it.

I have to rebuild my B400 after a minor crash yesterday. Just a spindle and main shaft, no big deal.

I hope you get some time to fly today!


AirmanBob 06-30-2008 10:00 PM

RE: are these blades any good for cp pro?
IF you want some really good blades for your CP Pro then do
a google search for: HD 1141 wood blades. 8 bucks a set.

They are really good strong blades and they are NOT covered in
that mickey mouse plastic stuff you find on many blades.

They are flat bottomed and make the heli really easy to fly. You
can't fly upside down with them but so what. Real heli's don't fly
upside down either.:D

I bought two sets and I'm still on the first set. I used to break a
set a week. Not any more.:)


rotarydoc 06-30-2008 10:19 PM

RE: are these blades any good for cp pro?
Hey Bob,

I agree with you, after reading a previous post of yours recommending these, I got 3 sets...they are great blades! Much heavier than stock, which adds stability as well, and they do take the abuse very well!

Only one drawback for me...I have had a couple of tailboom strikes since using them. I think because they are heavier, they tend to cause the strikes on a hard landing. But the increased stability is worth the trade-off for me. It has not broken a tailboom yet, just hits it, and dents the blades a bit...

Take care, and happy flying!


HeliStyle 07-01-2008 07:12 AM

RE: are these blades any good for cp pro?
hey this is my new name, was deftones just made it

rotarydoc 07-01-2008 01:34 PM

RE: are these blades any good for cp pro?
Hey Def....I mean HELISTYLE...lol

Cool new name!

Glad you are back, did you get your CPP parts yet?

Have you had a chance to work on it yet?

Take care, HeliStyle!


HeliStyle 07-01-2008 06:02 PM

RE: are these blades any good for cp pro?
just got the heli parts in a hour ago, and can't wait to work on it which might be tonight or first thing tommorrw, I have to start ordering replacement parts to have in stock for the cp pro so I wont be out of flying with it more then a couple of days. The name isnt all that great lol just something that popped in my head fast lol, hows flying over there rotarydoc?

rotarydoc 07-01-2008 07:28 PM

RE: are these blades any good for cp pro?
LOL, now I can't put, "Hey Def" anymore...

So, I guess it'll be HS...short for HeliStyle!

Cool on the parts! Now you can finally rebuild!

Yeah, it's always nice to have a parts supply, so you will have most stuff "in stock" !!

I have most stuff that I might break for the CPP in stock...blades, main gear, tail rotor, tail motor, skids, servos, hardware set, main motor, a COMPLETE SPARE CPP, just little stuff like that...LOL !!

But nothing too unusual like a main frame, or canopy (I actually do have a spare silver one somewhere around here)

No flying today, a bit too windy, plus my B400 motor is about to take a dump, and I'd rather not fly it like that...so I have been concentrating very hard on the sim...got lots of sim time last night, and today at work, and I'm gonna dedicate some more time tonight. I am working on stuff that I had a hard time with last time I flew...I got the B400 rebuilt otherwise from my little accident at the new flying place.

The name is cool, I like it!

I never did understand what Deftones meant anyways? lol

Good luck on the rebuild, and keep us posted!!


HeliStyle 07-01-2008 08:37 PM

RE: are these blades any good for cp pro?
thats sucks about the blade 400, im still craving a new heli soon, I want belt driven very badly, yeah I need to stock up on parts, hopefully the rebulid will be easy, I think it should be, you use blue loctite right on all metal to metal parts? not sure if its different on helis but thats what I used on rc cars, o yeah the old name was a band name lol

evdreamer 07-01-2008 08:49 PM

RE: are these blades any good for cp pro?
I use blue loc-tite on all my metal to metal parts. Then people use red loc-tite on the engine of a nitro helicopter.


hfenn 07-01-2008 08:52 PM

RE: are these blades any good for cp pro?
1 Attachment(s)
I bought what looks like those same blades from cnchelicopter called training blades for $6.20. They have a hard shell. I was tired of the covering coming loose on the stock blades. These actually have a slight undercamber but work well for FF, FFF, stall turns and piros. You won't go inverted though (moot for me, I can't yet) because they actually have a slight undercamber. I had these on for over 35 flights- more than any other have lasted. Oh, this is an E-sky HBCP, but it is on a Blade CP frame.

HeliStyle 07-01-2008 09:03 PM

RE: are these blades any good for cp pro?
do you know the stock number of those blades

hfenn 07-01-2008 09:55 PM

RE: are these blades any good for cp pro?


do you know the stock number of those blades
Here's a link

rotarydoc 07-01-2008 09:55 PM

RE: are these blades any good for cp pro?

I agree with Nick in using the blue loctite on metal to metal stuff, just like on the cars...

I should have the new motor for the B400 soon. I could fly it, but I don't want to ruin the motor, since the bearings are shot, it could damage the motor further, or damage the main gear. I would like to take the motor apart and replace the bearings in it. The motor is fine other than the bearings are bad...

Thanks for the info on the old name...I thought you might be deaf or something, didn't want to make a bad joke or anything...LOL As you can see, I am not up on the latest music scene... I'm stuck in the 1970's !! LOL

I have been simming (using the sim) alot lately. I find it's easier to practice something I need work on over and over on the sim, so I can improve on it.

Hope your rebuild goes well!

And you have some good weather for flying your newly rebuilt bird!


evdreamer 07-01-2008 10:30 PM

RE: are these blades any good for cp pro?

Did you have good weather to fly the Quark? I got 3 packs in today. It was a little windy, but it didn't affect the helicopter too much.


rotarydoc 07-01-2008 11:14 PM

RE: are these blades any good for cp pro?

Nah, a little too windy for the Quark today, plus I am in like a "sim mode" right now, I am just doing the sim for hours at a time, trying to get the basics down a bit better before I go back out with the B400. I am slowly learning from my mistakes on the sim, and just how much I don't know, like flying backwards. I have been practicing getting out of my "nightmare" scenario, which is having the heli fly away from me nose in, backwards, and sideways at the same time...that gets me every time!! I always end up correcting the wrong direction when the heli is doing that.

I think I will be able to replace the bearings in the B400's motor. After I get the new one in there, I'm going to take the old one apart, and see if I can get the bearings out of it. I found the thread I was looking for, and apparently the bearings are 3mm x 7mm x 3mm .... and I found them on Boca Bearing's site for like $4 each. They are also in an Align kit of some sort, for the T-Rex 600... One guy said he has sent like 3 motors back to Horizon, and they replaced them. But, as the other guy said, the postage would cost as much as the bearings, and with no 2 week or so turnaround with sending them to HH.

I talked to Helismith, and Helihobby sent my order out on Monday, which was very cool. But, I never did receive any kind of confirmation emails, for the invoice, or shipping. He said he is going to work on it...and agreed that it is a BIG problem, if customers don't get confirmation of their orders...he seems to think that their firewall is blocking the emails or something like that... he also said that Nikki at Helihobby put some goodies in with my order, to make up for the issues on the training gear order. They seem very sincere in making things right, and I think they are taking it seriously. I am glad I gave them a second chance, and I hope it helps them improve their service. It's always good to have alot of choices when ordering parts and stuff.

I hope to get some flying in tomorrow, if it's not too windy again...I think the B400 motor can hang in there for a few battery packs anyways...

Glad to hear that you got some flying in today...

Hope the weather cooperates for the rest of the week for you..


rotarydoc 07-01-2008 11:20 PM

RE: are these blades any good for cp pro?

I was reading the thread on "B400 and wind" earlier, and found it extremely interesting. I have had the wind push my B400 clear down to the ground before, and always wondered what causes it. There are some very interesting posts on there concerning the issue (they are the last two posts).

Are you familiar with "settling with power" as it relates to helicopter flight? How about the "vortex ring state"? I know I didn't know, and found it fascinating....check it out when you have time...very cool stuff!

Just a thought...


evdreamer 07-01-2008 11:40 PM

RE: are these blades any good for cp pro?

I just got back from being on the sim. I was practicing inverted flight. I tried to go inverted in every position I could think of to confuse me, but I did ok. Then I tried to flip at the rate of the T-Rex. I also tried inverted autos. The pros make that look to easy. I couldn't flip it over and crashed. The sim really helps out in working out stuff that is hard in real life.

I new Helismith would get everything straighten out with your order. It is cool that you are going to get some free goodies.

Have fun with the helicopters.

It is supposed to rain until Saturday. So I will try to fly when it stops raining.

I read that B400 and wind thread. It is a little over my head. I know when I move the sticks the helicopter will move and that is good enough for me. RCHeli mag explained some of that with pictures. It was still over my head.

Have a good day.


HeliStyle 07-02-2008 08:56 AM

RE: are these blades any good for cp pro?
hey there, just finished putting back together my cp pro, when putting it back together i noticed that the one of the blade grips where the beller mixer attaches with the screw, I went to screw them together with the tiny screw and it just kept turning wouldnt get tight, so I found alittle bigger of a screw and it went right in nice and tight, hopefully it will be alright, but everything feels nice and looks very nice lol

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